7 AI courses you can take now to get a new job in 2024

Future proofing jobs against AI has become a priority for many professionals. Here’s some courses to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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You can be one of two people when it comes to AI. There are those who see the glass as half empty and catastrophize the impact that the technology will have on their jobs, dystopian human-hating robots included. On the other hand, there are those who see a half full glass and are prepared to embrace the changes associated with AI. Ideally, you belong to the second type and are looking for ways to upskill so you’re prepared for the modern labour market.

To help you pursue your mission, we’ve curated a list of AI courses that will empower you with all the necessary tools you need to stay competitive in a candidate pool, as well as understand the real tangible implications of this transformative piece of tech.

Top 7 AI course to future-proof your job

From world leading universities like Harvard to quick 2 hour courses on learning and development platforms, here are some of the best courses you can invest your time on to prepare for the AI tidal wave.

1. EdX: Introduction to ChatGPT

💸 Cost: free with optional upgrade available
Time: 1 week with a 1-2 hour weekly commitment

This course offers a comprehensive and practical introduction into the power of ChatGPT. You’ll navigate from the initial signup process to mastering the array of advanced features it offers. Through structured modules, you’ll be taught how to customise ChatGPT to suit various needs, from enhancing productivity to crafting chatbots to delving into more sophisticated applications such as language translation and creative content generation.
The course is designed to be easily accessible, free of charge, and can be completed within approximately 2 hours. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to grasp the basics or an enthusiast aiming to explore the depths of ChatGPT’s capabilities, this course provides a solid foundation and practical insights to help you leverage ChatGPT to its fullest potential.

2. IBM: AI for everyone – master the basics

💸 Cost: free with optional upgrade available
⏰ Time: 2 weeks with a 1-2 hour weekly commitment

Catering to professionals from all backgrounds, this comprehensive four-week course explored the core fundamentals of AI, giving you insights into its diverse applications and essential concepts, including machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

Beyond the technical aspects, the course dives into the broader implications of AI, addressing critical concerns such as ethics, bias, societal impacts, and the evolving job landscape in the AI era. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of AI’s influence on various aspects of society and industry.

Structured to accommodate diverse schedules, the course, available on EdX, entails a manageable commitment of 1-2 hours per week for a total of two weeks.. As a capstone to the course, you’ll complete a mini project, showcasing your acquired knowledge by demonstrating AI in action. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a professional exploring AI’s potential, or someone simply intrigued by this transformative technology, this course provides a well-rounded foundation and practical insights into the world of AI.

3. Google: Google AI for anyone

💸 Cost: free with optional upgrade available
⏰ Time: 4 weeks with a 2-3 hour weekly commitment

Tailored for professionals without prior backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, or AI this four-week course strips away the mystique surrounding AI, offering a clear understanding of its principles and demystifying machine learning. Through engaging modules, you’ll learn how to train computers to identify images, sounds, and various data types, transcending traditional barriers to entry in the field.

The curriculum looks at the diverse machine learning types, including supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, among others. Hosted on EdX, this course requires a commitment of 2-3 hours per week. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll have a foundational understanding of AI, empowering you to navigate its applications and implications confidently.

4. Harvard University: CS50’s introduction to artificial intelligence with Python

💸 Cost: free with optional upgrade for a certificate for $299
⏰ Time: 7 weeks with a 10-30 hour weekly commitment

This course is an immersion into the fundamental concepts and algorithms that underpin contemporary artificial intelligence. Over the span of 7 weeks, you’ll explore the core ideas that fuel groundbreaking technologies such as game-playing engines, handwriting recognition systems, and machine translation tools.

Through a blend of theoretical learning and hands-on projects, you’ll be taught about various pivotal concepts including graph search algorithms, classification techniques, optimisation methods, reinforcement learning, and more. This practical approach will give you the skills to design and develop intelligent systems and AI-powered programs using Python.

Hosted on EdX, this course requires a commitment of 10-30 hours per week. Although this course is designed for advanced learners already familiar with Python, its highly practical aspect makes it a great badge to add to your skills toolkit.

5. EdX: Prompt engineering and advanced ChatGPT

💸 Cost: free with optional upgrade
⏰ Time: 1 weeks with a 2 hour weekly commitment

This course will teach you how to use ChatGPT like a pro by knowing how to prompt it effectively. The skills you’ll gain will prepare you to elevate the quality of text ChatGPT generates, making them more relevant and engaging based on your input. Beyond basic interactions, you’ll integrate ChatGPT with complementary tools such as natural language processing and machine learning. By mastering these integrations, you’ll unlock the potential to craft intelligent chatbots capable of delivering superior customer experiences.

The course spans one week, requiring approximately 2 hours to complete. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a developer, or a professional seeking to enhance customer experiences through intelligent chatbots, this course serves as a valuable resource to expand your expertise in prompt engineering and advanced applications of ChatGPT.

6. AWS Course on Machine learning & artificial intelligence

💸 Cost: free
⏰ Time: varies based on pathway chosen

The AWS Course on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is crafted by Amazon specialists, offering a great opportunity to either establish a career or expand knowledge in machine learning within the AWS Cloud ecosystem. This course will teach you how to apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning techniques, amongst other things.

The great part about the AWS Cloud ecosystem is that you can access pathways and courses tailored to different skill levels and job roles. For instance, modules like “Generative AI for Executives” provide strategic insights into leveraging generative AI, while hands-on sections guide participants in creating answering bots using generative AI technology. You can select from multiple Skill Builders, enabling customisation of the learning experience based on individual preferences and available time.

7. Building generative AI skills for business professionals – LinkedIn

💸 Cost: free trial for first month, then £39.99 per month
⏰ Time: 15 hours

Through approximately 15 hours of engaging content, this course equips you with the expertise to generate optimised prompts, leverage generative AI for content creation, conduct effective research, and even create AI-generated images using Midjourney. You’ll also have the opportunity to take an exam at the end of the course to obtain a professional certificate endorsed by Microsoft. This certificate can be showcased on your LinkedIn profile, validating your proficiency in generative AI skills and enhancing your professional credibility.

For the first month, this course is available for free. After the trial period, continued access to LinkedIn Learning’s courses, including this one, is available through a subscription priced at £39.99 per month.


Upskilling your technological toolkit is crucial, particularly as there already are jobs out there asking for candidates who are well versed in artificial intelligence. Whether you have 10 hours to spare per week or just two, there’s plenty of options out there for you to future proof your job.

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