How much will setting up a home office cost?

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If you are planning to set up a home office, there are lots of different ways to go about it. The great thing is that you get to start from scratch and decide on your own work space. But before you go mad, you might want to do your sums because setting up a home office isn’t cheap.

We have outlined some of the costs and have put together a range of basic, mid-priced and expensive alternatives, but there is plenty on offer.

1. Home office on a budget

If you’re restricted to a spare corner somewhere in the house, you won’t have enough space for a full desk.

A more practical solution will be a large work-centre. These usually combine a small desk area, with space for a PC, monitor, printer, and filing drawers – all in one unit. You can get corner workstations that are specifically designed to slot in the corner of a room.

As far as seating goes, you want something that won’t get in the way – particularly if this doubles as a corner of your living room.

What you needCost
PC and printer£650 £70
Desk lamp£25
Estimated cost£1035

2. Mid-range small office

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your house that isn’t being used – then this should give you more options for your office. Depending on the room, you may have room for a desk and two chairs, filing cabinet, table and all the essential equipment.

What you needCost
Desk with drawers£150
Filing cabinet (3 drawer)£100
Chair (executive)£150
Chair (guest)£50
PC and printer£850 £200
Table for fax£50
Estimated cost£1715

3. Deluxe home office

This really is living the high life in terms of home offices. Unfortunately this is not for those who are counting the pennies. The overall cost of a conversion will be high.

If you are really unlucky you could find yourself shelling out for a new staircase, steelwork to strengthen the floor, installing two deluxe windows, insulating and plastering the walls as well as wiring up the electrics. That’s without carpet and decorations. Installation of a second telephone line is free of charge with BT.

The set up includes a large desk with a drawer unit and an executive chair. In case you are holding meetings, you will also have room for two guest chairs and a large filing cabinet.

What you needCost
Attic conversionstarting from £17,500
Large desk£160
Drawer unit£120
Filing cabinet (3 drawer)£100
Chair (executive)£850 £150
2 extra chairs£100
PC and printer£1000 £300
Table for fax£50
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