8 best office spaces to rent in Leeds

Looking for a high spec office or a cheap and cheerful hot desk while your start-up is growing? Here we bring you the best of Leeds, plus our no-hassle quote-finder

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When people used to think of Leeds, they’d imagine beautiful green landscapes, or maybe the sweet smell of a nice Yorkshire tea. But today, this vibrant city is making waves as one of the UK’s leading hubs for start-ups.

Coworking and serviced offices are ideal for combining the flexibility of a freelance lifestyle with the make-or-break benefits of collaboration and networking. And if you’re lucky, you might even find free Yorkshire teas thrown in.

The UK’s growing interest in hot desking, coworking and renting serviced offices is something we at Startups have been covering for a while. And now we’re thrilled to reveal our list of the Top 8 Coworking Spaces in Leeds right now.

In this article, we cover Leeds’s best coworking options for:


Then, if at the end of it all, you’d like a little more help deciding, we’ve made a quick quote-finder to make comparing offices to rent easier than ever for our readers, which you’ll find at the top of this page. Enjoy!


Best coworking spaces in Leeds for: High Quality


1. Regus Business Lounge – For an office that follows you

    • Location – Princes Exchange, Princes Square (and UK-wide)


  • Cost – From £89 per month for access to the Business Lounges (coworking prices available on application)


What’s the vibe like?


Regus Leeds Princes Exchange sits in a landmark seven-storey, glass-fronted building in a prime location over the River Aire. This address combines a stylish, air-conditioned interior with some breathtaking views across the city centre.

Who will be at home here?


The UK-wide Regus Business Lounges were designed with the travelling entrepreneur in mind, and will delight any sky-gazing small business owners thanks to the stunning views on offer.

What are the perks?


Regus brings you fully serviced offices in Leeds, including five modern meeting rooms and a video-conferencing suite. You’ll also get access to the development’s modern cyber cafe and tranquil recreation area.

This video should give you a good sense of what you can expect:

2. Landmark – The perfect space for being productive

    • Location – Whitehall Road


  • Cost – Virtual office prices start at £39 a month, business lounges at £60 a month, and for £250 a month you can have your own private office


What’s the vibe like?


The Landmark is a first-class ‘green’ building within easy walking distance from the city’s main train station, housing tranquil, modern workspaces.

Who will be at home here?


The Landmark offers comfy and peaceful workspaces for professionals wanting to be productive. It’s the perfect spot for a quick drop-in to catch up with emails, or to prepare for a meeting.

What are the perks?


In addition to desks to let you work on building your business in peace and quiet, you can benefit from collaborative spaces, easy access from the M62 and a friendly nine-minute walk from Leeds Station.

There’s also an on-site deli with a tasty range of hot and cold food, parking available, and bike storage facilities.

In this video, one start-up of 80, Sanderson Weatherall, explain why they moved to the Landmark:

3. Platform – For start-ups with lofty ambitions

    • Location – New Station Street


  • Cost – Workspaces are available from £195 pcm (per calendar month)


What’s the vibe like?


Platform is a modern twist on one of Leed’s landmarks, now providing businesses of all sizes with private offices and coworking spaces, right in the city centre.

Who will be at home here?


Platform is a place for communicators, cultivators and collaborators to work and network.

With such a range of coworking desks, serviced offices, meeting rooms and full-floors, it may just be the perfect fit for your small business.

What are the perks?


Benefit from a host of perks like on-site parking, showers, LED lighting, 24-hour access, bike racks, superfast Wi-Fi and natural light.

platform coworking leeds


Best for: Value for Money


1. Beam Works – An affordable and inspiring place

    • Location – Castleton Mill


  • Cost – You can become a member for £150 (+VAT) per month, with no deposit or strings attached


What’s the vibe like?


At Beam Works, you’ll enjoy spacious, open and bright workspaces. And if you enjoy a blend of traditional and modern styles, this Grade II listed former textile mill could be your small business’ new home.

Who will be at home here?


Beam Works is a diverse and collaborative space of creative types wanting to grow their business in a dynamic and nurturing environment.

What are the perks?


As well as getting to work in beautiful office spaces with vaulted ceilings and Yorkshire stone floors, you’ll enjoy superfast Wi-Fi and VOIP phones.

Beam Works is not only well-equipped with showers, bike storage, kitchens and a fresh local food bar, it’s also well-connected with excellent transport links.

beam works coworking office leeds

2. University Business Centre – For top specs at tiny prices

    • Location – Leeds Beckett University


  • Cost – £100 (+ VAT) pcm for the first 3 months, reasonable rates on a flexible rolling monthly contract after that


What’s the vibe like?


You’ll have your own desk in a stylish, modern and central office space in Leeds. But let’s allow the current clientele to tell you more:

The office facilities at the University Business Centres are excellent with value added services like business mentoring and gym membership. The staff are friendly, supportive and always try to accommodate your needs.
– Jay Corben, entrepreneur


Who will be at home here?


The University Business Centre is an affordable option for digital and creative entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for opportunities to co-work and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What are the perks?


This is the place to grow your small business, with expert mentoring services on hand, as well as promotional opportunities thanks to the Digital Hub and media partners in the Yorkshire Post. You’ll also get high speed broadband, free business lounge access, and phone use for a small fee.

This video explains more:

3. One Aire Street – For a jazzy office space with some nice perks

    • Location – You guessed it – One Aire Street


  • Cost – Prices vary according to your requirements – you can contact The Office Group for a quote, or use our quote-finder


What’s the vibe like?


One Aire Street is an original art deco building located in the heart of Leeds. It’s owned by The Office Group, a network of flexible and high quality drop-in office spaces in prime locations across the UK.

Who will be at home here?


Many small businesses grace these floors, from established law firms to up-and-coming tech start-ups. What’s more, the range of members’ events makes One Aire Street the place to be for growing businesses.

What are the perks?


With an entrance leading directly onto the station, you could say this site is fairly well located. Plus, for professionals who sometimes swing by London, you’re welcome to use their coworking space at Eastside (Kings Cross).

All the lounges, coworking spaces, serviced offices and meeting rooms come with access to a stunning roof terrace where you can even join in some rooftop yoga – and many a barbecue.

one aire street coworking leeds


Shall we cut to the chase…?

If you’d like to cut through the noise and go straight to finding the best options for you personally, you can skip to our personalised quote-finder now.

We’ve made this super-speedy form to help save our readers time and money, which you can hop to by just clicking here.


Best for: Working Environment


1. Duke Studios – One of Leed’s most popular coworking spaces

    • Location – Sheaf Street, South Bank


  • Cost – Prices range from just £99 a month for coworking desk spaces to £390 a month if you’re after your very own office


What’s the vibe like?


Whether you’re looking for a coworking space, desk rental, a studio or even virtual office services in Leeds, Duke Studios offers high quality and good value options in the heart of the city.

Beloved by creative entrepreneurs and start-ups alike, this compound also moonlights as the base for a number of community projects.

Who will be at home here?


If you have a creative bone in your body, you’ll fit right in with the current selection of 45 small businesses and start-ups. This hub of collaboration even has a nice mix of workspaces to match different creative needs and budgets.

What are the perks?


The list of perks is jaw-dropping, and includes: mentors meetings, printing services, showers, snacks, free parking, happy hours, 24/7 access, and dog-friendly workspaces. And let’s not forget the communal kitchen with free Yorkshire tea!

Here, Little Less Known will walk you through this buzzing new office space:

2. Marshals Mill at the Round Foundry – The coolest spot in Leeds?

    • Location – Marshall Street


  • Cost – Prices available on request


What’s the vibe like?


Well, to give you an idea, the Yorkshire Post recently called this coworking space “the coolest corner of the city”.

Marshals Mill at the Round Foundry is a mixed-use site, nestled in some newly renovated creative offices dating back to the eighteenth century, in a top spot by the River Aire.

Who will be at home here?


The Round Foundry is a well-connected site with an even better connected entrepreneurial community for small business owners to tap into.

What are the perks?


This network of offices and coworking spaces boasts a host of high quality amenities, from buzzing bars to beautiful cafes.

Its members are welcome to enjoy the generous offering of wonderful eateries, events and networking opportunities, and see where the Round Foundry could take their small business.

You’d also benefit from super-speedy broadband (up to 1GB a second), newly refurbished office spaces (ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet), and easy transport access at just a stone’s throw from the motorway and Leeds train station.

marshalls mill office leeds


In a nutshell


It’s fair to say the growing trend of start-ups using shared office spaces is here to stay.

But is it right for your small business? It could be if you are looking to:

    1. Work anywhere – Choose from 3,000 business centres around the world, and get access to your very own office, wherever you are.


    1. Enjoy flexible pricing – You don’t need to rent your own office. You don’t even need a fixed contract. You can just hire the desks you need for as long as you need.


  1. Start right away – One of the best parts of coworking spaces and serviced offices is the level of support you’d get. With no set-up and a range of amenities provided, all you need to do is show up and get to work.

compare quotes coworking spaces

How can I get quotes for coworking spaces in Leeds?


Now you have a better understanding of the best coworking spaces in Leeds, the next step is to talk directly to the ones that could work best for your small business.

Many coworking offices can only offer quotes on request, so rather than writing to them separately, we’ve created a personalised quote-finder for our readers.

You just fill in the key details we need to find your best matches, and you could save time and money by going straight to the answers you need to make the right decision.

To get your custom-fit quotes, you can just take a minute to skip back to our quote-finder, and see how easy it is to get the final piece in your office space research.

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