52. Boundless Activated Snacking

Get a belly-full of this tasty startup that’s delivering activated snacks to help the nation’s guts.

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FounderCathy Moseley 
Website: weareboundless.co.uk 

In spite of – or maybe because of – the turmoil of the last few years, the health and wellness industry is booming. And Bristol-based Boundless Activated Snacking spotted a gap in the market (and heard our stomachs’ rumbling) for gut-friendly snacks.

Founder Cathy Moseley started out by creating the snacks in her kitchen. When her friends couldn’t stop stealing her hand-created snacks, she knew she was onto something special. It was a difficult process to find a like-minded manufacturer, but with purpose and perseverance, she got there.

“There was a little luck involved,” she admits, “but 99% determination – I don’t believe in no”.

When friends couldn’t stop stealing her hand-created snacks, Cathy knew she was onto something special.

Our judges were intrigued by the innovative method used to create the snacks. The process involves soaking nuts, seeds, and grains in saltwater to remove the phytic acid, an enzyme inhibitor which, according to Boundless, “stops us from getting to the good stuff”. Boundless then bakes the snacks to retain the nutrients.

With just four years under the Boundless belt, the startup has featured as Amazon’s ‘Choice for Gut Health Snack’ for 18 months straight. This has led to several angel investors from the food industry. Further kudos comes from the recent acquisition of Ben Jones, founder of Graze, as Director and investor.

What next? Boundless aims to go from kitchen table to kitchen staple. With an in-house nutritionist, it plans to become the number one go-to brand for advice and gut-friendly snacks in supermarkets up and down the country. Gut instinct tells us they’ll get there in 2023.

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