The 2023 Startups 100 Index in Full

Discover the Startups 100 Index 2023 and the firms that will be revolutionising UK industries this year.

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The Startups 100 Index 2024

Our full Startups 100 Index for 2024 has now been announced

The UK’s longest-running index of the top 100 most disruptive and innovative small businesses is back.

After months of deliberation alongside a panel of independent small business experts, Startups can reveal the number one startup for 2023 is Caura, the revolutionary vehicle management app that’s providing a lifeline for the UK’s 30 million drivers by letting users manage all their car admin in just one place.

Our silver medallist is Sensat, which uses smart drone technology to help the construction industry de-risk building projects, while third-place The Modern Milkman is bringing back an old-school favourite delivery service with its sustainable grocery app.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, this year’s index is one of Startups’ most exciting yet, with the final list championing a huge range of inventive ideas from plant-based hair extensions to gamified cybersecurity.

Check out the full 2023 Startups 100 index below, and follow the links to learn more about why each of our incredible new businesses made the cut.

The Startups 100 Index 2023

Our judges were hugely impressed by the standard of entry for this year’s index, with hundreds of companies applying to join the likes of Startups 100 alumni Monzo, Deliveroo, and HelloFresh.

Collectively raising finance just shy of £2.5 billion, each of our top 100 startups is a distinctive and inventive new business with an opportunity to achieve massive success this year and beyond. Click on the links below to find out more:

1. Caura
2. Sensat
3. Hack The Box
4. The Modern Milkman
5. Wild
6. Nourished
7. PolyAI
8. Lottie
9. Beam
10. Flexa
11. Pasta Evangelists
12. RevLifter
13. Peppy
14. onHand
15. Infogrid
16. Sano Genetics
17. Jubel Beer
18. Birdie
20. Element
22. Vinehealth
23. Toqio
24. Kind Bag
25. Youth Group
26. Natterhub
28. Zeus Labs Ltd
29. Homethings
30. Power Sheds Ltd
31. UniTaskr
32. HumanForest
33. Poplar Studio
34. Volta
35. Zeelo
36. Strolll
37. SlothMove
38. Intelistyle
39. Hausbots
40. The Mothership Group Ltd
41. Touchlab Limited
42. TeamSportz
43. Climate X Ltd
44. Veremark
45. Pollinate
46. KYC Hub
47. Weavr
49. Worldr
50. Harper
51. Happity
52. Boundless Activated Snacking
53. SymTerra
54. Grubby
55. Olly’s
56. RareCan
57. Drop Bear Beer Co.
58. KinKind Ltd
59. Credas
60. Concrete4Change
61. Travel Hands
62. bide planet
63. Snuggy
64. YEO Messaging
65. Genie AI
66. Deazy
67. Pitchbooking
68. GiGL
69. PushFar
70. for peat’s sake!
71. Sook
72. Tiwani Heritage
73. Legacy of Lives
74. Ambl
75. Pretty Mama
76. Pawprint
77. Class-ify
78. Clever Lili Ltd
79. KeyNest
80. Neat Home Ltd
81. Vendoir
82. PocDoc
83. CoolMed
84. Mintago
85. Scout
86. Bold Bean Co
87. Further
88. Packfleet
89. WhisperClaims
90. Yonder
92. Legislate
93. Cauli Ltd.
95. Earthly
96. Kiteline-Health
97. Gigged.AI
98. Anansi
99. Treepoints
100. Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing

The 2023 Startups 100 special awards winners

This year, as well as commemorating the top 100 new businesses in the UK, we wanted to recognise the startups that prioritise people, planet, or purpose as much as profit.

That’s why we introduced specialist awards categories to highlight the firms which are pioneering positive change in important areas, or else demonstrating an inspiring and unique business journey.

Joining us at the judges’ table were famous entrepreneurial faces Sahar Hashemi, Ian Wallis, Rachel McClelland, Christopher Kenna, Eloise Skinner, Alison Loveday, Andrea Pattico, and Deann Evans.

Each of these exceptional business leaders was tasked with selecting the standout top 100 businesses in eight categories. Click below for the full shortlist of winners:

The 2023 Startups 100 ranking methodology

We’re one of the most accessible new business indexes in the UK. Our list of criteria is kept deliberately short; all we ask is that entrants are UK-based, privately-owned, and launched after 1 January 2017.

During the application stage, our online form asks businesses to provide us with insight into their operations, ranging from financial details, to their five-year vision.

Once the judging process begins, we then use this data to assign weighted scores to every business entrant based on five key areas of analysis:

  • Finance
  • External validation
  • Size of opportunity
  • Innovativeness of idea
  • Strength of concept

These scores are then averaged out to give us our overall ranking for the Startups 100 Index 2023.

If you’re interested in being included in the next Startups 100, then keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll be revealing the date for entries to the 2024 Startups 100, later this year.

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