35. Zeelo

Zeelo is a smart bus platform making your commute cheaper, faster, and greener with sophisticated routing algorithms.

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Founders: Sam Ryan, Barney Williams, and Dani Ruiz
Founded: 2017
Website: zeelo.co

In the midst of the climate emergency, shying away from single-occupancy or inefficient mass transportation commutes is becoming a priority. Powered by sophisticated routing algorithms, Zeelo seeks to make more sustainable commutes a possibility.

Founded in 2017 by Sam Ryan, Barney Williams and Dani Ruiz, Zeelo is a global tech company that is modernising bus commutes by helping employees and students to get to work and school in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Zeelo targets a broad cross-section of commuters and industries. On the one hand, Zeelo can help people find more efficient routes to work where public transport is spotty. On the other hand, individual drivers can find ways to slash car and fuel costs as the cost of living crisis pressures wallets. Zeelo also partners with independent schools and universities to provide home-to-school transport, helping everyone get to class on time.

But what do all audiences achieve at the same time? Greener commutes. Zeelo’s wielding of route optimisation technology helps operators and businesses cut their CO2 emissions significantly. Its algorithm means that less vehicles are needed to transport the same amount of people so waste is cut, traffic congestion is lowered, and distance travelled is reduced. Plus, Zeelo’s technology enables bus routes to reduce their carbon emissions by 78%, which is the equivalent of replacing 30 cars for every bus journey.

Zeelo’s visionary transportation ethos has been acknowledged by big name clients such as Amazon, UPS, Tesco, Ocado, Mclaren, and Jaguar Land Rover.As a further testament to its success, Zeelo has a strategic partnership with EV Specialist Zenobē, which will enable the startup to transition to a fully electric fleet.

In the next five years, Zeelo is committed to achieving a net zero fleet and providing 8,900,000 bus rides by 2030. As a disruptive company set on fulfilling the green agenda, Zeelo is transforming the way we understand bus commutes.

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