31. Unitaskr

A workforce app that empowers students, and saves companies time and money.

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Founders: Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs
Founded: 2017
Website: unitaskr.com

Unitaskr is looking to untap the potential of one of the most overlooked workforces today – students. As a diverse group of workers with a wide range of skills and a dedicated work ethic, the company wants to connect students with the household and businesses that need them.

The platform has onboarded 225,000 members to date, with around 15 – 25% monthly active users. It has seen over 300,000 student job applications, with 40,000 students hired over the past two years.

Unitaskr also hosts its own social media platform, SHOUT, a ‘nano-influencer’ platform that is targeted at its student workforce. With SHOUT, Unitaskr has been able to collaborate with many high profile brands, including Uber, Spotify, Red Bull and Universal Media Group. The platform allows its users to monetise their online presence through working with such brands.

If you need any indication of the sheer power of SHOUT, social media juggernaut TikTok said that it ‘holds the largest network of nano-influencers worldwide’, thanks to an incredible reach that exceeds 500 million followers.

The company has a clear online strategy, showing a real understanding of its target audience. With 28 million views on TikTok alone, and its app ranked number one in business and lifestyle on the app store, its user base looks set to grow and grow.

Unitaskr is in this year’s Startups 100, but it’s no stranger to recognition. It has been widely featured online, in print and on TV, featured in Forbes, The Guardian, BBC, and ITV, as well as being shortlisted for ten awards.

The company is looking to grow, and has recently launched in the US, where it is already seeing promising signs of repeating the successes made on its home turf.

Unitaskr looks set to continue empowering students through its platform, allowing them work as they study, and set them up for careers after they graduate, while also providing companies with a steady stream of engaged and intelligent workers. We can’t wait to see what successes lie in store for this business.

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