89. WhisperClaims

With a specialist focus on Research and Development tax claims, WhisperClaims has an intriguing niche for future growth.

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Founders: Mike Dean, Jen Badger and Richard Edwards
Founded: 2017
Website: whisperclaims.co.uk

To spur on growth, it’s essential for businesses to invest in research and development. Amid tightening budgets, doing so can feel intimidating, which is why the UK government offers Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits.

The scheme encourages companies to invest in R&D – but of course, introduces a confusing and fiddly accounting process when it’s time to put the claims through. That’s where WhisperClaims comes in.

While based in Scotland, the company’s software is now used by accountancy firms across the UK. It may sound niche, but at the touch of a button, it allows them to prepare comprehensive, detailed reports suitable for submission to HMRC.

To spur on growth, it’s essential for businesses to invest in research and development.

“Our award-winning platform has enabled over 160 firms to prepare over 2,200 claims for their accountants, equating to £330m in eligible spend identified via our software,” says WhisperClaims co-founder Mike Dean.

The WhisperClaims technology provides a structured framework for advisors. In effect, it helps the company to produce robust and compliant R&D claims, effortlessly, ensuring it can deliver a comprehensive in-house service for service users.

All of this means that accountants can cost-effectively support their clients, build a trusted service and improve the quality of claims submitted to HMRC.

The WhisperClaims technology provides a structured framework for advisors.

Nothing but good news for accountants, it would seem. But what about the crucial component of UK firms looking to invest in innovation? Dean is proud of the impact there, too. “Use of WhisperClaims has led to more SMEs across the UK gaining business sustaining funds via the R&D tax scheme,” he claims.

The WhisperClaims team has some ambitious growth targets. “In the short term, we aim to grow our user base from 160 firms currently, to over 1,000 active customers,” says Dean. This would equate to preparing over 5,000 claims annually via the WhisperClaims platform.

Longer term, the business is keen to expand into international markets and develop technology that addresses adjacent areas of tax, such as capital allowances and creative industry tax relief.

Accountancy and innovation can indeed go hand-in-hand. We’re excited to see how WhisperClaims may scale in the near future, and make growth that little bit more achievable for firms along the way.

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