42. TeamSportz

A remote coaching-and-training platform for amateur to pro athletes, to improve their performance and reach their potential through the power of AI.

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Founder: Francisco Baptista
Founded: 2019
Website: teamsportz.pro

What if there was a way to improve your athletic skills on demand, regardless of what sport you play?

As a basketball player and software engineer, Londoner Francisco Baptista couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a platform out there that integrated all the powers of technology with his love for the sport. What’s more – an app that everyone could use to not only track and improve their skills, but also have it measured by their coaches – all in a quick, easy and fun way.

So Baptista came up with a slamdunk of a solution: TeamSportz – a platform that Francisco enables clubs to now run their teams more efficiently and gain access to elite performance stats with unique AI technology.

With the TeamSportz app, you get to train your way - any time, anywhere, with any sport, and with dozens of exercises to choose from

Some of the incredible features include the ability to track your players’ goals and performance with an intuitive, detailed dashboard, the ability to stay organised and on top of player attendance by planning your team’s practices, plus games with the in-app calendar, and personalised stats.

With the TeamSportz app, you get to train your way – any time, anywhere, with any sport, and with dozens of exercises to choose from. Our judges particularly liked how the Teamsportz is geared towards teams of athletes and those who aspire to aim for the very best in athletic fields (unlike other exercise apps out there that primarily focus on personal exercises such as yoga).

Another USP the judges surfaced is TeamSportz’s dedication to security and privacy, which is not a key consideration for other exercise apps. This company makes it clear that “Players are our priority, so we protect your data.” Although the app uses your camera, the videos are not recorded, making it safe for kids. Data is only used for performance tracking and is shared with your coach and team. Teamsportz do not and never intend to sell your app data to third party companies.

As of 2022 TeamSportz are proud to be working with every type of club and democratising access to sports technology. Recognition came from a paid partnership with London Sports, and today, the sporty startup has more than 2,000 active players using the platform. It has also raised funding from investors in the UK and the US including sporting giant Strava’s founder, Mark Gainey.

Players are our priority, so we protect your data

The judges can see great potential for this company in terms of how far it can scale, and believe it has the capability to be used everywhere from local schools to international sporting institutions. This sentiment is echoed in Baptista’s vision for the company over the next few years:

“In the long term, TeamSportz will be everyone’s sports passport. You will start in TeamSportz at your school and your sports data passport will follow you until you become a professional athlete”.

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