30. Power Sheds Ltd

This Yorkshire-based startup is disrupting the industry with its modular shed, bringing UK gardens the sheds they deserve in record delivery time.

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Founders: Jack Sutcliffe and Simon Holborn
Founded: 2019
Website: powersheds.com

Most of us have a childhood memory of peeking inside a dilapidated shed, seeing all the old gardening tools, basking in the dust and spiderwebs. These days, sheds may not be the first thing to spring to mind when you think about a modern product with a cutting edge purchase and dispatch system.

Power Sheds is aiming to change this mindset by bringing smart sheds to the populace. Not only are they modular by design, but they can be delivered the next day in the UK, and in under a week across Europe.

Founded in 2019 by Jack Sutcliffe and Simon Holborn, this Yorkshire-based business saw a fundamental flaw in the garden retail industry – no one was creating fast-delivery sheds. Taking a page out of the mattress industry’s book, the pair realised that if they could create a shed that could fit on a pallet, they could deliver it in 24 hours.

Thus, the modular shed was born. And following that can modular summer houses, log cabins, bike sheds, and decking. A whole manner of high quality and sustainable timber-based structures are available from the company, all with the next-day delivery model. The founders’ innovation saw them achieve the Lloyds National Business Award for ‘Best New Business’ in 2020, and the ‘Number One Best Shed’ according to Real Homes.

Power Sheds continues to grow, with a US subsidiary being started in North Carolina, bringing sheds to the world.

If you thought innovation couldn’t extend to the garden, then shed those doubts, because Power Sheds has a smart ecommerce model that makes it an innovator to watch. We are excited to see just how far the business can go.

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