32. HumanForest

So far, this eco start up has helped users complete over 1 million low-carbon journeys – saving over 150 tonnes of CO2

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Founders: Agustin Guilisasti, Caroline Seton, and Michael Stewart
Founded: 2020
Website: humanforest.co.uk

HumanForest’s mission is simple: to bring sustainable, accessible, and affordable micro mobility to all of the world’s capital cities.

Currently based in London, this innovative eBike company offers users the chance to get around the city at low cost, without having to worry about their carbon footprint.

Just how much does it cost to cycle around on HumanForest’s bikes? Given the average user has a journey of around 18 minutes, the company’s affordable rate of 17p per minute – plus 10 minutes of free trade each day – means a typical journey will only cost £1.36.

And, with prices of the tube and other modes of transport increasing, this is becoming more attractive to users – especially compared to the typical cost of £3.20 from other established eBike operators.

Together, we have avoided over 150 tonnes of CO2 – that’s equivalent to planting 6,693 trees.

The only requirement to use this service is that the user must be over the age of 18, and – you guessed it – needs to be able to ride a bicycle.

But, HumanForest is more than just an eBike company. It also provides other clean modes of transport to get around the city. Its entire fleet, from bikes to vans, are powered by 100% renewable energy, and use specially designed battery charging units that reduce energy consumption.

“Together, we have avoided over 150 tonnes of CO2 – that’s equivalent to planting 6,693 trees.” – HumanForest

As for the future of this savvy start up? It’s currently in the process of being awarded B-Corp and Verra accreditation, and has plans to expand to other cities around the world. Watch this space, we’re confident of more success to come for this startup.

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