68. GiGL

Here to save the hospitality industry is the video-first jobs platform, GiGL, which claims to bridge the gap between employer and candidate.

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Founder: Dan Hudson
Founded: 2019
Website: getgigl.com

Has there been a less fortunate industry than hospitality? Years of COVID-19 challenges, staffing issues caused by Brexit, alongside the Great Resignation, have combined to create near impossible conditions for businesses to hire skilled staff.

Thankfully, a large glass of GiGL is on hand to refresh the sector. Founded by Dan Hudson and based in London, the new app has been designed to digitise the hiring and CV process and put “the person” back at the centre of the outdated hospitality hiring process.

Gone are the traditional, lengthy job descriptions and awkward telephone interviews. Instead, users can sign up to the GiGL platform and apply to jobs with one, 60-second video. Employers can reply within hours, eliminating the need for recruiters and hiring managers and massively accelerating the hiring process.

GiGL puts the ``person`` back at the centre of the outdated hospitality hiring process.

Our judges were dazzled by GiGL’s huge potential to mend one of the biggest issues currently facing UK businesses. 

GiGL has already begun expanding into other short staffed sectors like retail to partner with big-name firms including The Hard Rock Hotel group, The North Face, and Tortilla. Having already hit 50,000 downloads, the app is also clearly servicing huge demand from its audience of tech-savvy young job seekers wanting an easy, online method to apply for jobs.

We’ve reserved a table for GiGL in the Startups 100 Index 2023. Let’s raise a glass to the startup that’s healing the hospitality industry’s post-COVID wounds – and a great year ahead!

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