82. PocDoc

By providing a simple app-based solution, PocDoc is looking to make taking a blood test easy and accessible for all.

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Founders: Steve Roest, Kiran Roest, Vladimir Gubala
Founded: 2020
Website: mypocdoc.co.uk

Like a lot of the best business ideas, PodDoc was born out of recognising a real societal issue. That is, the difficulty of trying to arrange a blood test. A simple request in theory, but one that can be convoluted, and became even more of a problem during the pandemic.

Based in the East of England, PocDoc reduces blood test wait times from weeks, to just a few minutes. With the dedicated PocDoc device and associated app, anyone can have the ability to run their own blood test, from home. No need to make an appointment, no endless phone calls or online forms – all that’s required is the PodDoc kit and a mobile phone.

Based in the East of England, PocDoc reduces blood test wait times from weeks, to just a few minutes.

The platform is based on lateral flow technology. Coupled with the cloud-based diagnostic reader, it is capable of detecting major diseases quickly. By giving users the option to bypass wait lists, it’s possible to catch issues earlier on, and seek the appropriate treatment sooner, significantly reducing the risk of health complications further down the line.

In addition to its in-house tests, the PocDoc platform can also be utilised as a universe digital reader, widening the scope of what it can detect massively.

The platform is based on lateral flow technology.

PocDoc has already been attracting attention from major publications including Sky News, Bloomberg Business, The Daily Telegraph and LBC. It is also backed by the NHS Digital Accelerator and other high-profile partners.

Plans are in place to take the platform beyond the testing aspect in the next five years, with the startup already building an eco-system to provide post-test support, including lifestyle advice and clinical options.

PocDoc could be a real game changer for alleviating stress on the health industry, as well as helping individuals identify and catch diseases earlier on. It’s certainly passed our tests, and takes a deserving place on the Startups 100 Index 2023.

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