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Harper uses coaching and technology to take an empathetic approach to patients in the IVF process.

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Founder: Mithi Thaya
Founded: 2021
Website: harpercare.com

Those who undergo IVF can find that the process has a draining effect on their mental health, and that the right kind of support isn’t always readily available. Harper is looking to change that, by shining a light on mental wellbeing and using technology to empower and reassure those on the IVF journey.

Aware that a ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn’t always suit everyone, founder Mithi Thaya set about personalising the diagnosis and treatment process, to tailor coaching and follow-on activities to each of its patients and partners. Harper’s approach is multifaceted, combining physical testing through its test kits which use the patient’s saliva sample to check hormones and antibodies, to speaking one on one to a dedicated coach. 

Patients are also asked to take part in a wellness quiz online, the results of which will be used to focus their individual wellbeing plan. 

Harper is using technology to empower and reassure those on the IVF journey.

Coaching sessions are carried out via video conferencing, with a fertility-trained professional, in 30 minute sessions. They then suggest activities to aid with mental health, as well as connecting patients with resources and specialists, if needed.

In addition to emotional support, the patients are asked to use a ‘tune Lollipop’ to collect their saliva sample, which is sent off for diagnosis. This can be used to assess aspects of well being, including depression, anxiety, sleep, and immune system activity.

Our judges loved that as well as helping the patient with their own wellbeing, the programme also looks to give them the tools to express themselves better to their friends and family, about the IVF process and the challenges it can bring.

Our judges loved that the programme also looks to give users the tools to express themselves better to their friends and family,

Among its clients, Harper includes Harley Street Fertility Clinic, Manchester Fertility and King’s Fertility. Through its partners it has access to 50% of the UK fertility market, supporting more than 30,000 cycles per year.

In curating individual wellness solutions for those going through IVF, and their partners, Harper is providing an essential solution to an underserved demographic.

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