The high-protein cereal brand that’s recreating all your childhood favourites and making them nutritionally relevant for grown-ups.

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Founders: Jac Chetland and Kit Gammell
Founded: 2022
Website: eatsurreal.co.uk

For too long, there’s been a common misconception – cereal that’s actually good for you is bound to taste dry and boring. Jac Chetland and Kit Gammell, founders of SURREAL, are here to finally put an end to such a reputation, with their deliciously healthy cereal brand that’s making breakfast fun again.

Both Chetland and Gammell say they firmly believe that nutritionally healthy products don’t have to be dull. With that in mind, they’ve made a selection of colourfully branded cereals with a distinct brand and tone of voice, hoping to modernise a sector that last saw innovation in 1894 with the invention of cornflakes.

SURREAL is a deliciously healthy cereal brand that's making breakfast fun again.

SURREAL’s products are all based on popular childhood products with frosted, cocoa, and peanut butter flavours. You may not see the tiger or monkey on the front of the box, but you can pretty quickly guess which brands they’re imitating!

Made with zero sugar, low carbs, and containing 14g of protein in every serving, each box is the tasty treat you wanted as a child, combined with all the boring nourishment you need as an adult.

Despite only launching last year, the SURREAL team can already boast some sizable achievements. They’ve raised some serious funding via angel investment; their product is now listed in Holland & Barrett’s, and they’ve plans to launch in a national retailer this year. 

Each box is the tasty treat you wanted as a child, combined with all the boring nourishment you need as an adult.

Plus, the brand has had a healthy boost from the post-COVID switch to working from home, with most of us having more time for our morning routine – or desperately needing a healthier mid-morning snack option when the inevitable fridge raid happens.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we’re thrilled to see SURREAL finally serving up a bowlful of health and cheer at the breakfast table. It’s Cheerio for now, but we’re certain we’ll see more of this scrummy startup in 2023.

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