47. Weavr

With a creative approach to ‘plug-and-play finance’, Weavr is majorly shaking up the embedded finance market.

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Founders: Adrian Mizzi and Alex Mifsud
Founded: 2018
Website: weavr.io

Weavr is a software as a service (SaaS) business that allows innovators to build and run embedded financial solutions for themselves.

Formerly delivering B2B payment solutions to multinationals, Weavr’s lightbulb moment came when cofounders Adrian Mizzi and Alex Mifsud realised the tools they were creating could be used by any size of business. By building an easy-to-integrate software solution, which shoulders the need for advanced technical know-how and takes care of regulatory compliance, Weavr has made embedded finance accessible to everyone – not just high-profit enterprise businesses. 

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. The company’s unique offering meant it needed approximately 20 engineers to work solidly on the solution for at least a year. Despite not having the £4m budget required to do so, Mizzi was unfettered, and applied for a grant from the Horizon 2020 EU program to make up the shortfall and get the Weavr engine running.

Weavr has made embedded finance accessible to everyone - not just high-profit enterprise businesses.

Weavr’s technology has been a real game changer for disruptive start-ups and rapid-growth businesses which are using the service to manage employees, make smarter B2B payments, and invest in the gig economy. 

As it turns out, helping digital businesses to unlock new financial superpowers can reap plenty of reward. Since Mizzi launched their business in the middle of the pandemic, Weavr has gone from strength to strength —  exceeding its first projections by almost 100% in their first six months, and securing powerful inventors including Tiger Global, Headline and Seedcamp.  

Weavr is currently preparing for its US launch and hoping to go global within the next five years, we’re very excited to follow this startup’s next steps.

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