28. Zeus Labs Ltd.

Zeus is the next-generation platform designed to increase efficiency for shippers and hauliers and reduce the environmental impact of global freight.

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Founders: Clemente Theotokis and Jai Kanwar
Founded: 2020
Website: yourzeus.com

One of the biggest stories from headlines last year was the huge surge in demand for haulage. A shortage of drivers, combined with new post-Brexit paperwork at UK ports, has put major strain on shippers and hauliers as containers are delayed.

Thankfully, with a flash of lightning, the answer has arrived. Zeus Labs Ltd. (trading as Zeus) launched in 2020, in perfect timing for the present crisis. The business positions itself as a next-generation tech platform aimed at streamlining the road freight industry and reducing emissions in one go.

Like its namesake’s lightning bolts, Zeus’s disruptive technology has certainly been sending shock waves through the industry. The tech enables shippers to cut out the five or more intermediaries commonly encountered. This streamlines how a business can efficiently book, manage, and live-track shipments.

Like its namesake’s lightning bolts, Zeus’s disruptive technology has certainly been sending shock waves through the industry

We’d need a ten-tonne truck to store all of the company’s achievements so far. According to the startup, Zeus haulage users have seen a 36% increase in profits, while shippers have seen a 71% decrease in administrative hours.

The road ahead looks clear for Zeus. The company is on track to achieve 400% growth in 2022, and recently won a contract to handle freight for Primark. Next year, it plans to expand into Europe a full year ahead of schedule.

To date, the service claims to have provided a massive 71% reduction in admin hours to over 10,000 trucks. It’s solving a problem that’s impacting one of the UK’s most important industries, and for that reason we think it’s well-deserving of a place in our top 100 Startups for 2023.

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