What are budget sites?

The rise of DIY websites, and how they can help your business

There was a time when creating a company website involved extensive consultation between designers, hosting companies and ISPs. If you want a bespoke graphic and flash animation heavy site this is still the case.


However, if all you need a some company details, a few pages of product information and a location map, there are plenty of DIY and budget options where you can have an online presence in a matter of hours, or even minutes.


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I am planning to...?

Launch a new website

Replace an existing website

There are several cheap and often free services out there for small businesses that take minimal effort to set up and maintain. Bearing this in mind there’s really no excuse for not having an online presence.


Have a look at some of our options for DIY websites. There’s something here for even the biggest technophobe. Whether it’s a fully fledged site with your own domain name, or maybe just a single page on a directory, if your business isn’t online, don’t let your competitors steal your clients – do something about it today.



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