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How to find a web designer

So, you've decided to invest in a business website. You want it to be the stickiest, most user-friendly, website it can be. You want it to sell your business brand and you want it to boast lots of features without compromising on functionality. Above all, you want to be able to sell and promote and communicate on the web. But you're not quite sure how to go about it.

It's all pointing to one thing: you want a web designer. So here's how you find one.

Effective web design recommends itself

First things first, it's a good idea to have a look around the web to get a feel for the kind of thing available. Find a few sites that you like the look of and that you feel are effective in their market. Check they have the kind of features you're after – like an e-commerce facility, and good navigability, for instance.

Then, find out who's behind them: usually, they will be credited on the site. If not, you could get in contact with the business itself and ask them who's behind their build.

This approach is a good option and quite safe because you have already seen the web designer's work and like it.


Alternatively, scout around and ask friends or fellow business people if they know of any web designers whose work has been successful. An unreliable and unproductive web-design and development team will not get a personal recommendation, so you will be assured of their quality.

And you never know, you might even get a discount if your connection is close enough.

Web Designers

Another approach is to search a directory ofUK web designers. Browse through some listings and directories and check agency profiles, then make a few calls and see if any of the services fit your budget:

  • The UK Web Design Association:
  • Web Design Directory:
  • FreeIndex:

Design Consultancies

It's also an idea to make contact with some general designers and design consultancies, many of whom offer web design as part of their broader service.

  • Design Business Association:
  • British Design Innovation:
  • The Chartered Society of Designers:

Even if you are not getting a complete business design package and your funds are limited, an agency may well consider designing your site. As many design teams approach web design with branding and marketing in mind, rather than focusing primarily on software and technology features, they have the ability to come up with a site that genuinely reflects your business.

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