40 London startup jobs for a career change this January

Want to work in a fast-paced, high-growth environment? Here are the top 20 startups in London that are hiring this January.

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Helena Young
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London is the business capital of the UK, and startups are one of the most exciting places to work at. So why not work at a London startup?

Rather than being a little cog in a big machine, joining a firm in its earliest stage of growth means you’ll be able to make a bigger impact on the company’s trajectory – especially if you’re applying to work at one of our 2024 Startups 100 companies.

Representing the UK’s most innovative new firms, their employees are at the cutting-edge of disruptive technologies. We’ve rounded up the in-demand vacancies that our top London startups began advertising in January*. Check them out below.

1. Lottie

Lottie_Co-Founders_Option 1

Head office: London Bridge

Runner-up in this year’s Startups 100 Index, Lottie is a care home search engine that makes it easy to find specialist care for loved ones. Currently employing a team of 60, the firm is advertising four new positions based at its (pastel pink) London Bridge office.

Job opportunities at Lottie:

2. KatKin

KatKin co-founders

Head office: Clerkenwell

KatKin is a premium cat food company that’s also making the world’s first diagnostic, colour-coded kitty litter. With plans to double its headcount this year, it is looking for six animal lovers to join its head office in the City of London (those with cat allergies still welcome).

Job opportunities at KatKin:

3. Peppy Health


Head office: Old Street

Employees will be well looked after at Peppy. The health app connects staff with human experts to combat under-resourced health challenges, and is seeking three new team members to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s most trusted healthcare company.

Job opportunities at Peppy:

4. Better Dairy

Better Dairy

Head office: Hackney

Nestled within Hackney’s beer brewing district, Better Dairy is cooking up a rather more unique recipe. The brand makes 100% animal-free dairy products that use 90%+ less CO2, water and land. Any fermentation specialists about? You’ll be the perfect fit at Better Dairy.

Job opportunities at Better Dairy:

5. Packfleet


Head office: Bermondsey

Packfleet has made a name for itself as the courier that cares about its employees. Operating out of a warehouse in the trendy Bermondsey area, the firm has ranked twice in our Startups 100 Index since its launch, and has two engineering jobs available in January.

Job opportunities at Packfleet:


Head office: Covent Garden

AUDIOMOB is a technology company that helps developers monetise their games through non-interrupting audio ads. Already boasting an international client portfolio, the firm is looking for three dynamic tech-heads and branding experts to aid its rapid expansion.

Job opportunities at AUDIOMOB:

7. Immersive Gamebox

Head office: Shoreditch

Who didn’t want to work in a game shop when they were younger? Immersive Gamebox is an interactive centre that lets customers play their favourite TV shows as a real-life gaming experience. This January, it has openings for two friendly hosts to welcome visitors.

Job opportunities at Immersive Gamebox: 

8. Hoxton Farms

Head office: Hoxton

Those who want to work on a pioneering, world-leading food startup will be right at home at Hoxton Farms. Having just opened its new 14,000 square-foot facility in the Finsbury neighbourhood, the company has spaces for two food engineering experts to join the team.

Job opportunities at Hoxton Farms:

9. Yonder

Head office: Old Street

Yonder jumped 68 places between 2023 and 2024 in our Startups 100 Index. That’s a reflection of the challenger credit card company’s huge market growth, and is why it needs a Senior Member Support Manager to scale its customer service team in January.

Job opportunities at Yonder:

10. Vinehealth


Head office: Old Street

Not quite curing cancer, but the next best thing. Medtech platform Vinehealth is giving a helping hand to cancer patients, by using data-backed solutions to offer the support they really need. It is seeking two hybrid workers to join the London office for two days per week.

Jobs opportunities at Vinehealth:

11. Lindus Health

Lindus Health

Head office: Borough

Founded in 2021 to improve the lives of millions of people living with chronic conditions, Lindus Health is a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO). With six open job roles, its website also states that it welcomes speculative applications from those who believe in its mission.

Job opportunities at Lindus Health:

12. Julienne Bruno

Julienne Bruno

Head office: Ruislip

Vegans and foodies alike are welcomed with open arms at Julienne Bruno. Striving to make the world’s best plant-based burrata products at its Ruislip factory, the brand wants two managers to help with production and lengthening its extensive list of grocery retail partners.

Job opportunities at Julienne Bruno:

13. Acre


Head office: Old Street

Revolutionising the mortgage industry with its innovative, end-to-end management system, Acre is hiring three tech roles this month. That includes two entry-level and graduate roles for those who lack experience, but want to work with game-changing technology.

Jobs opportunities at Acre:

14. Fussy


Head office: Shoreditch

Life will be anything but dull working at Fussy. The sustainable deodorant brand that boasts Deborah Meaden as an early investor is hiring two marketing and customer service roles to aid its already successful brand-building efforts in 2024.

Job opportunities at Fussy:

15. RideTandem

Head office: Farringdon

RideTandem is an eco-conscious company that’s aiming to reduce the number of cars on UK roads with its clever coach-led commuter service. Having seen great success in 2023, this year, it’s seeking a new marketing representative to come along for the ride this year.

Job opportunities at RideTandem:

*All of the job adverts listed in this article are live at the time of writing (January 10 2024)

Written by:
Helena Young
Helena is Lead Writer at Startups. As resident people and premises expert, she's an authority on topics such as business energy, office and coworking spaces, and project management software. With a background in PR and marketing, Helena also manages the Startups 100 Index and is passionate about giving early-stage startups a platform to boost their brands. From interviewing Wetherspoon's boss Tim Martin to spotting data-led working from home trends, her insight has been featured by major trade publications including the ICAEW, and news outlets like the BBC, ITV News, Daily Express, and HuffPost UK.

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