32. Lindus Health

Clinical trials are essential to bring life-saving treatments to patients who need it the most. Lindus Health is on a mission to speed up that process.

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Founder: Michael Young, Meri Beckwith, and Nik Haldimann

Year founded: 2021
Website: lindushealth.com

Clinical trials are the beating heart of the medical industry. By proving or disproving that a treatment is effective, they have the potential to drastically improve, or even save, our lives.

Still, despite all the revolutionary research in life sciences, very few treatments actually reach the market in time to help the patients who need it the most. That’s because trials continue to be time-consuming and carry hefty price tags for Clinical Research Organisations (CROs).

Lindus Health wants to eradicate this bottleneck and streamline the process of treatments going from clinical trials to actual clinics. To fix this, the startup is using technology to speed up clinical trials and optimise the user experience for those who volunteer for trials. 

Founded in 2021 in London, the startup was born out of the frustrations Lindus Health co-founder Meri Beckwith experienced during the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

He found that the app designed for the trial did not work on his smartphone. It even wrongly described diagnoses and symptoms, forcing Beckwith to go to a hospital to fill out papers in person rather than remotely. 

Shocked that this was how clinical trials were being conducted, even at the height of a global pandemic, Lindus Health co-founders realised there was a pressing need for innovation in the industry. 

Although there are plenty of other startups in the space of clinical trials, Lindus Health stands out because it’s setting out to cover the full end-to-end process involved in running clinical trials. 

Pitching itself as a contract CRO, Lindus Health is a centralised platform that seeks to simplify the clinical trial process, both for companies running the trials and the patients. It improves data visibility, data quality, allows for remote clinical trials and monitoring, and speeds up the process of screening and recruiting patients.

Using machine learning, Lindus Health also speeds up the initial protocol writing phase, which traditionally has been a tedious and manual process that bogs down the speed of clinical trials. 

Its push for innovation has recently landed the company an £18m Series A funding round from big-name backers including Spotify investor Creandum and billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel. 

Lindus Health is currently working with a wide range of health and biotech companies, including Dopavision, Habitual, Myota, and Bonafide, which treat myopia in children, diabetes, and menopause symptoms. 

As Lindus Health grows, it aims to rapidly accelerate the production of new treatments all over the world and improve the lives of millions of patients in the process. Now a top 100 startup for 2024, we’re giving the Lindus team a clean bill of health for the year ahead.

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