97. Polishpad

Polishpad is the dedicated business management tool empowering nail technicians to streamline their operations, minimise disruptions, and achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

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Founder: Abisola Bright
Founded: 2023
Website: polishpad.co.uk

Abisola Bright, the ingenious young mind behind Polishpad, has not only created a thriving business, but has also built a remarkable community within the nail care industry. The Polishpad platform offers a comprehensive solution for nail technicians, empowering them to effortlessly manage their businesses, improving productivity and profitability. 

In her final year at Essex university studying finance, Bright began learning the ropes as a nail technician, with an eye on launching her own business. But, she found herself so overwhelmed by the admin involved, she was struggling to make time for the appointments themselves.

Getting a mani may feel fairly easy as a customer, but for the nail salon operator, there’s a huge amount of work happening behind the scenes. It needs time and energy – taking bookings, running the accounts, handling customer queries, marketing the business – prior to polish hitting nail. Hence, Polishpad’s comprehensive suite of features addresses the unique issues of this sector, providing a centralised platform for appointment scheduling, deposit management and no-show protection. 

Beyond streamlining operations, Polishpad also provides nail technicians with valuable insights into their businesses. Through comprehensive analytics, nail technicians can gain a deeper understanding of their client base, identify trends, and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

At an age where most are just starting their careers, Bright is already an accomplished entrepreneur. Just one year into launch, she secured investment from renowned companies, SKY & BEO and was welcomed onto the Microsoft for Startups programme. She also appeared as a panellist at Enterprise Nation’s Next Gen Fest, to share her business journeys and top tips for starting and growing a business as a young entrepreneur. 

In the years to come, Polishpad envisions itself as the global hub for nail technicians and nail enthusiasts. With plans to expand into the United States and other international markets, Polishpad is dedicated to fostering a diverse and interconnected community of professionals.

As the beauty industry continues to flourish, Polishpad is poised to become the go-to platform for nail technicians worldwide. Startups believes with its commitment to specialisation, user-centric approach, and community-building, the mani platform is nailing it.

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