Wix Pricing 2024: Find a Wix pricing plan for your business

How much will it cost you to make a great business website with Wix? We’ve crunched the numbers and analysed Wix's pricing plans to find out.

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When reviewing website builders, our expert team of writers and independent researchers focuses in on the most important factors for small business owners. We look at the range of templates and designs available to choose from; how easy it is to get started building your site and customising it; the help and support options available; the range of available plugins, apps and extensions; the ability to customise a mobile design, and above all, the value for money – including any hidden pricing, ongoing fees, and initial setup costs.
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4.8 out of 5
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  • Help and support
  • Customer Score
  • Ease of Use

Wix is one of the best website builders on the market, according to our hands-on testing and research. It has cheap pricing and a wealth of features that are perfect for small businesses.

Wix’s premium website plans start from an affordable £7.50 per month, and its ecommerce plans are priced from £14 per month. Compared to how much you’d spend on employing a web designer, Wix is tremendous value. Yes, there’s a free plan, too, but this isn’t aimed at business users. Even most bloggers would baulk at its limitations.

The paid plans begin from a fantastic annual cost of under £100. This rises if you want to sell through your site, as the ecommerce plans cost more, but as business overheads go, Wix offers a super-affordable way to create a genuinely professional-looking website.

Wix Pricing Plans at a glance

Let’s keep this simple, here are the main Wix Pricing plans – though be sure to check directly with Wix as regular deals and discounts can help reduce these further:

  • Wix free plan – £0 per month
  • Wix Light plan – £7.50 per month
  • Wix Core plan  – £14 per month
  • Wix Business plan – £20 per month
  • Wix Business Elite plan – £119 per month
  • Wix Enterprise plan – Bespoke quote

Regular deals and discounts mean you can frequently save on costs, such as getting 10% off with the code “TAKE10”. Wix also offers very generous discounts when you choose longer plans. You can save up to £120 on the Business Elite plan if you opt for a 12-month contract.

Wix pricing comparison table

Below, we list the main details you need to know for the costs of each Wix pricing tier.

We’ve included what you’ll get as the main features at each plan. Though we’ve included the Free tier in the table below, keep in mind that this isn’t something business users should rely on. The Free version of Wix doesn’t let you have a regular URL for your site domain, and you’ll have to display ads (for Wix) on your site.

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0 out of 0

Free plan




Business Elite





What’s included with your plan?

On the Core, Business, and Business Elite plans, you can use one of Wix’s 800+ templates to build and launch a professional-looking website that has no Wix branding.

It’s important to note that the Core, Business, Business Elite, and the Enterprise plans all offer ecommerce functionalities, but the Light plan doesn’t.  So if you want to launch an online store, you’ll have to choose one of the Wix online store plans. If you choose one of the ecommerce plans, you’ll have access to a bounty of features to help you make your online store a success, including:

  • Up to 50,000 products to showcase on your site
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Multi-channel selling (including socials like Instagram)

Each of Wix’s ecommerce plan comes with these features. However, there are key differences between each package, so it’s best to choose a plan that meets all of the needs of your ecommerce business.

But what do you get for your money for the higher-cost Wix plans? Is the free tier worth considering at all? And do you need the features you’re paying for, and could you get the same for less elsewhere? Let’s dive into Wix’s pricing to help you decide which plan may be the best for your business.

Read more: Find out why Wix is our number one website builder via our in-depth Wix review.

Wix Free

  • Free forever - you can publish a site at zero cost
  • You'll have access to hundreds of Wix templates and its app store for plug-ins
  • A great way of getting a feel for building a site on Wix, without getting your wallet out
  • You can't sell products without paying for a plan
  • You can't connect a custom domain - your web address will have 'Wix' in it
  • The site will have adverts for Wix on it

wix ad website example

Wix has a free plan, which you can use to build and launch a website without spending a penny. It doesn’t require any card details, and there’s no obligation to upgrade to a paid-for plan.

It serves as a fantastic starting point for anyone venturing into website building. With this plan, you gain access to Wix’s intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, making the process of creating a website a breeze, even without any coding experience.

However, there are two important caveats: the first is that your website will bear a Wix-branded domain (such as username.wixsite.com/siteaddress), rather than a custom domain. Secondly, Wix ads will display on your site, which won’t give off a professional vibe (but can be a small trade-off for a free service).

Storage and bandwidth are also limited to 500MB each, which could potentially restrict the growth of your website, especially if you’re anticipating high traffic or uploading a lot of media files.

Despite these limitations, you still get access to some handy features like the Wix SEO Wiz for basic search engine optimisation, and the Wix App Market, which houses a variety of free and paid apps that can enhance your website – often at no additional cost.

Who is the free plan suitable for?

Though we’ve included the Free tier in the table below, keep in mind that this isn’t something business users should rely on due to the Wix-branded site domain, and having to display ads (for Wix) on your site.

A better option is to start a free trial of one of the plans that gives you access to ecommerce features,  allowing you to get a feel for the platform and its online store offering. Remember, though, if you’re creating an online store with Wix, you can do so for free – but you can’t actually sell any products until you pay for a premium plan.

Wix Light  £7.50 per month

  • Incredibly low-cost, affordable plan for any business
  • You can add your own custom domain
  • 24/7 customer support for such a minimal price
  • Only a minor upgrade on Wix's free plan
  • No customer accounts
  • Minimal storage and bandwidth make it hard to run your business effectively online

The basic paid plan will offer you the features you need to present the world with a professional website for your business. You will be able to drop the free Wix URL (username.wixsite.com/siteaddress) and create your own domain name, giving your brand a professional look. This plan costs £7.50 per month – and you can get 10% off using our code ‘TAKE10.

However, like the free version of Wix, there are still limits to what can be done with the platform. You get 2GB of storage space, two collaborators, and 30 minutes worth of video content on your site. This can limit how professional and appealing your site ends up looking because you won’t have the option to upload all your own video content. The limit of two separate logins will make it harder to collaborate simultaneously on Wix, making editing and upgrading your website a time-consuming task.

With a limited offering, your site could run into quite a few problems in the future, including website crashes and gateway timeouts. If you opt for the Basic plan but want to circumvent this issue, we’d suggest making image sizes smaller when uploading.

Who is the Light plan suitable for?

Wix’s Light plan is an excellent choice for businesses or side hustles that need to create  professional online presence but don’t require ecommerce functionalities.

It caters well to service-based businesses, such as consultants, freelancers, photographers, or local businesses like restaurants or salons that want to showcase their offerings and connect with potential clients. With its user-friendly website builder and access to professional templates, the Light plan allows businesses to create a polished and informative online front that reflects their brand identity.

However, the Light plan might not be suitable for businesses that are heavily reliant on video content. While Wix does support video integration, the Light plan has limitations in terms of storage and bandwidth when compared with the higher-tier plans. Businesses that primarily focus on video content creation, such as vloggers, video production companies, or online courses, may find these restrictions limiting.

Light – Can I have an online store?

This plan doesn’t offer an ecommerce functionality, so you’ll need to opt for one of its pricier plans (Core, Business, Business Elite) if you want to set up an online shop.

Wix Core – £14 per month

  • Removes those pesky, unprofessional looking Wix ads
  • 50GB of storage space allows you to create more complex websites and have more creative freedom
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Up to 5 hours of video uploading available to stream and showcase your videos online
  • Customers can create accounts for fast checkout and specific payment methods
  • Capability to sell on social channels including Facebook and Instagram
  • Abandoned cart recovery through email reminders to improve customer sales
  • Unlimited products so customers can shop through your full inventory
  • Limited bandwidth, making it less suitable for busy websites
  • No access to Wix's site booster app
  • Multiple currencies are not accepted - issue for businesses selling internationally
  • No advanced shipping methods
  • No marketplace selling functionality - which means on Etsy, eBay or Amazon sales

Core is a great first step for those who are building a website for the first time, costing £14 per month. We would recommend this plan for any micro business owners that want to dip their toe in the website building water especially if you are just after the basics at an affordable price. But, it’s a limited plan for any business anticipating a large amount of site traffic.

You can use your own custom domain – free for your first year if you purchase it through Wix – and create a fully customised website with no Wix ads. 

Who is the Core plan suitable for?

The Wix Core plan is perfectly reasonable for a simple informational site serving a smallish audience – say, a restaurant website, or a small business information and contact site.

Your bandwidth is capped at 50GB, however, which means it would be a limited choice if you expected to have a lot of website traffic. This wouldn’t be a good choice for a busy online store, for example.

Wix’s Core plan is a very solid offering when compared with the basic plans of its competitors like Shopify or SquareSpace, particularly because you pay just £14 per month (compared to Shopify’s Basic £25 and SquareSpace’s Business £17) while still getting a rich offering of features. 

Core may not be suitable for businesses that want to add numerous videos and photos to a site, due to the data limit however. That said, if you host your videos on YouTube, you can embed them into your Wix site with just a quick copy-and-paste, and at no extra cost at all.

Core Can I have an online store?

When it comes to ecommerce, Core is a great option for small businesses that are just starting to sell online. The plan allows you to accept online payments securely and manage all transactions via the Wix dashboard.

It also gives you access to some basic sales features, including customer accounts for faster checkout, unlimited inventory, collections that can be filtered, and abandoned cart recovery with push email notifications.

Business £20 per month  our top recommendation

  • One year free of site booster - an amazing Wix app that will help you get found higher up on search engines
  • Up to 10 collaborators, which makes website building a teamwork exercise
  • A solid 100GB of storage space ensures you have plenty of room for videos, photos. documents and more
  • Offer subscriptions to your customers and collect recurring payments on your products and services
  • Advanced shipping methods allow you to reach more customers and manage end-to-end order fulfilment
  • Display product pricing in multiple currencies so you can appeal to a wider, more international audience
  • Sell on the worlds biggest marketplaces - including eBay
  • No customised report to help you stay on track of how well your website is performing
  • Only offered 24/7 customer care instead of priority - can be an issue as sales and demand increases
  • Can't generate customised reports to analyse sales performance
  • Dropshipping functionality is available - but limited compared to the Business Elite plan

The Wix Business plan is our top recommendation for the majority of small businesses.

It includes everything that comes with the Core plan, including a free custom domain for one year and the removal of Wix ads. You’ll also receive 100GB of storage, and 10 hours of video content on your site.

You also get access to two of Wix’s most sophisticated apps: the Site Booster app (for one year) and visitor analytics, both of which are fundamental when creating a successful business website using Wix. Site Booster can help you rank higher by giving you tailored SEO recommendations for search engines like Google, while visitor analytics allows you to assess your website’s traffic and specific page performance.

Although Wix is a fantastic provider, if you’re strapped for cash, we recommend looking at Squarespace’s Business plan as an alternative. With Squarespace, you’ll pay £17 per month for the Business plan, compared to Wix’s £20 per month.

The £3 per month price difference primarily affects the feature set and customisation options available to users. While both platforms offer intuitive website builders, ecommerce capabilities, and professional templates, Wix’s extensive app marketplace is superior to Squarespace’s. Plus, with Wix, users benefit from priority support for Business plan subscribers, which adds value despite the slightly higher price point.

Still, there’s one reason we would recommend Squarespace over Wix, and that’s the sumptuous visuals of the Squarespace templates. If you’re building a site for a business in an industry where design matters above all else, then Squarespace has the edge over any competitor. Its templates can’t be beaten for sheer looks

Business Can I have an online store?

When it comes to ecommerce, this plan is great for growing businesses that anticipate higher traffic or require advanced marketing and analytics features.

Its capabilities stretch beyond domestic sales, with its multiple currency feature and advanced shipping methods – including end-to-end order fulfilment.

The difference between this and the Core plan – which both offer ecommerce – is that this plan is for SMEs that are serious about starting an online store and need a wider range of functionalities.

It doubles the storage space (100GB vs 50GB) and allows for more collaborators (10 vs 5) than the Core plan. Additionally, the Business plan provides a Standard marketing suite and Standard site analytics, offering in-depth tools to help promote your website and track its performance.

For Wix users who want to sell internationally, these features help overcome two significant barriers that online stores face. One is displaying the costs accurately for customers in their chosen currency, and the other is receiving goods safely and securely from overseas without hassle.

Your business can also benefit from Wix’s collaboration with the dropshipping supplier Modalyst, offering inventory on up to 250 products, as well as up to 1,000 product reviews through KudoBuzz.

To find out more about Wix’s apps and features, check out our Wix website builder review.

wix visitor analytics

Want unlimited bandwidth and storage for your website for just £20 per month? Go for the Wix Business plan.

Business Elite – £119 per month

  • Unlimited storage space - ideal for sophisticated, intrinsic, and creative website designs
  • Free one year of site booster and visitor analytics apps to help you grow your website with ease
  • Professional logo design feature lets you create a logo for your brand that means business
  • Priority customer care lets you jump the queues and receive support when you need it most
  • Expensive compared to the Business plan, and doesn't include unlimited storage space like other competitor's premium plans
  • Not cost effective for micro businesses

The Business Elite plan is a serious ramp-up from what Wix’s cheaper plans offer, and has been designed to support larger businesses. It includes everything from the previous plans, as well as first-priority support so you can skip the queues and get immediate assistance for any issues, such as site errors.

Professional logo and social media logo designs (when purchasing a yearly subscription or higher) are available as part of the pricing, so you can present your brand to your customers in the most sophisticated way possible. On the cheaper Wix plans, you can pay extra to create a logo.

You also get much bigger allowances, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, and you can upload up to five hours of video content (very recently increased from 20GB of storage and unlimited hours of video content).

The Business Elite plan grants you access to the full suite of Wix features, bandwidth and support, making it a great fit for larger scale businesses that deal with higher volumes of traffic visiting their sites. You’ll have access to first-priority support, meaning if anything goes wrong, you’ll be connected to a dedicated agent much more quickly, compared to support requests on other plans.

This is something you’ll want to access if your website regularly gets a lot of traffic — extended amounts of downtime or issues could lead you to lost revenue.

You’ll also have unlimited storage and an allowance for 15 collaborators, making it easier for you and key stakeholders to contribute and collaborate. Most importantly, you’ll also have advanced site analytics, giving you all the data you need to get insights into how customers access your site and interact with its pages.

For example, you’ll be able to map out your website data on bar charts, line charts, maps and heat maps, equipping you with data-driven insights on how to improve your website traffic and ranking.

Business Elite  Can I have an online store?

You certainly can – in fact, if you’re running a large, successful online store that gets a high volume of customer traffic, then the Business Elite Plan is the best option to choose from Wix.

The unlimited storage and bandwidth we mentioned above are pretty much essential for a large scale ecommerce site. You don’t want to find yourself hitting a data cap just as a busy trading season begins, after all.

On top of this, the boosted customer support options will put you at the front of the queue should anything go wrong, minimising your potential downtime and ensuring the sales keep flowing.

It also comes equipped with an unlimited dropshipping functionality and in-depth and customisable reporting, ideal for ecommerce businesses that are looking to scale. With Wix’s Analytics Reports, you’ll be able to map out your website data on bar charts, line charts, maps and heat maps, equipping you data-driven insights on how to improve your website traffic and ranking.

Wix frequently runs deals and discounts in the form of flash sales. Visit our Wix flash sale page for the latest deals.

Wix costs: billing cycles, ongoing costs, and additional fees

In addition to the plan you choose, there are a number of other factors that will affect the overall cost of your Wix website. These include:

Billing cycles

Wix offers its customers a range of billing cycles. You can choose to pay:

  • Every month
  • Yearly
  • Two years upfront
  • Three years upfront

Your decision will depend entirely on how long you plan to commit to your Wix subscription. The longer the commitment, the cheaper the plan. However, be aware that you can’t transfer your actual Wix website (the template) over to another platform. You can transfer your domain, but NOT the website itself.

After you’ve made your decision, you can choose whichever billing cycle suits your business best at checkout.

Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you can’t then change your billing cycle until it’s run its course.

For example, if you choose the Business plan, for each billing cycle option, you’d pay:

  • Monthly: £23 per month
  • Yearly: £20 per month
  • Two years: £16.50 per month
  • Three years: £15 per month

The displayed price also excludes VAT. Web builders are subjected to the standard UK VAT rate of 20%.

So, for an annual subscription on the Business plan, you’d pay:

£20 per month x 12 = £240
VAT at 20% (£48)
= £288

How to save money on Wix

Take advantage of deals and discounts: Wix frequently offers promotional codes and discounts, so be sure to check its website or social media pages before you upgrade to a premium plan. For instance, the code TAKE10” will give you 10% off your entire purchase.

Choose a longer billing cycle: Wix offers significant discounts for choosing longer billing cycles, such as a year or three years, compared to paying monthly. For example, you can save up to £120 on the Business Elite plan if you choose a 12-month contract instead of the monthly plan.Savings with the cheapest plan, Core

Plan Length1-Year Plan SAVINGS2-Year Plan SAVINGS
What You Save£168 a year (£14 a month)£240 over 24 months (£12 a month)

Savings with the most expensive plan, Business Elite:

Plan Length1-Year Plan SAVINGS2-Year Plan SAVINGS
What You Save£1,428 a year (£119 a month) £2,040 over 24 months (£85 a month)

Wix Payments and transaction fees

Wix has its very own payment solution: Wix Payments. It is easy to set up, and allows you to accept credit and debit cards, iDeal, and Pay Now by Klarna.

All payments taken through Wix Payments are subject to a 2.1% + 20p transaction fee.

In the UK, the minimum charge amount is £1.

Alternatively, Wix allows you to accept payments from a range of other payment providers. Be aware that every payment provider charges a different processing fee.

We recommend you read Wix’s in-depth payment processing fees guide for more info.

Wix domain name renewal

It’s pretty much standard practice in the industry to offer a free domain name for the first year of your website builder or ecommerce plan, which then renews at the standard rate.

The cost will depend entirely on your chosen domain name extension, the number of years you select, whether or not you choose to add privacy protection, and local tax or VAT laws.

Find out everything you need to know about domain name costs in this guide.

Wix add-ons and extras

The Wix app market offers more than 300 apps and business tools that you can use to enhance the functionality of your website. Available apps include Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Google Ads, HubSpot, and more. You can check out the full range on the Wix app store.

Wix and our value for money cost comparison

While Wix doesn’t offer the absolute cheapest website plans. For instance, it’s unercut by the cheaper GoDaddy. But, we’d argue it’s still a top value website builder to choose, thanks to the outstanding features and ease of use you get for a still very low overhead.

In our research, Wix ranked highly for its features, such as the ability to create a unique mobile experience for your website, engage visitors with eye-catching animations, and the ability to manage appointments directly through your site with Wix Bookings.

Our second-ranked platform, Shopify, charges £19-£259 per month (or even more on monthly billing) for its comparable ecommerce plans. This makes Wix a potentially more affordable option, especially for those starting out.

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0 out of 0







Best all-round website builder for small businesses


Design flexibility & businesses looking to scale


Ease of use and simplicity


Best for dedicated sales features when selling online


Creating a website in under an hour (thanks to its ADI platform)

Overall Score
Based on our in-depth research and user testing
Overall Score
Based on our in-depth research and user testing
Overall Score
Based on our in-depth research and user testing
Overall Score
Based on our in-depth research and user testing
Overall Score
Based on our in-depth research and user testing
Value for money
Value for money
Value for money
Value for money
Value for money

£12-£35 per month, billed annually

Use code “SU10” to receive a 10% discount on all Squarespace plans


£6.99-£12.99 per month, billed annually (first term discounts available)


£5-£259 per month, billed annually

£1 for first month


£9-£39 per month

You can also take a close look at how WordPress compares with Wix in terms of pricing and features in our dedicated Wix vs WordPress guide.

How we rate website builders for value

We tested 8website builders to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, accuracy, and aesthetics so we can make the most useful recommendations to small UK-based businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and 33 subcategories – in fact, we covered 251 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting’ to ensure the product’s final score perfectly reflects the needs of our Startups.co.uk readers.

Our main testing categories for website builders are:

  • Website Features: the capabilities and functionalities offered by a website builder, e.g. blog functionality, SEO capability, and marketing capacity.
  • Design: the aesthetic appeal and visual layout of a website created using a website builder. It encompasses aspects such as page templates and customisable themes.
  • Customer Score: external customer opinion; the feedback and ratings given by customers who have used a particular website builder – the market position and reputation a website builder holds.
  • Ease of Use: how user-friendly and intuitive a website builder is for people with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Value for Money: the balance between the cost of a website builder and the benefits it provides. It considers factors such as pricing plans, subscription models, and available features.
  • Help and Support: the assistance and resources available to users when they encounter issues or need guidance while using a website builder.

Conclusion: is Wix good value?

You should now have a clearer view of what Wix costs, at each of its price points. The remaining question may be, is it worth the money?

It’s a strong “yes” from us. keep in mind, for even a very basic business website, you could end up spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds contracting a website designer. If you want them to build you a functioning ecommerce store, you’re now talking tends of thousands.

Wix, on the other hand, lets you do much of the above from under £100 per year. Even for an ecommerce site on the Business Plan – which should suit most new online stores – you’re able to keep costs to under £250 per year, while still benefiting from the immensely impressive templates and setup options Wix gives you. There’s no coding needed, and support is always on hand.

To summarise, below are all of Wix’s pricing plans:

  • Wix free plan  £0 per month
  • Wix Light plan  £7.50 per month
  • Wix Core plan   £14 per month
  • Wix Business plan  £20 per month
  • Wix Business Elite plan  £119 per month
  • Wix Enterprise plan  Bespoke quote

Based on the abundance of features you get for the price point, Wix is undoubtedly a good-value web-building product.

Still not sure? The free plan is a great way to get a taste of Wix risk-free, but we’d recommend upgrading to a premium plan as soon as possible if you want to see what Wix really has to offer.

Remember, there’s a 14-day free trial for all premium plans. You can try any of them out, and cancel if it doesn’t seem like the right fit for your business.

Remember, Wix is also offering 10% off to all new users with the code “TAKE10” and there’s a 14-day free trial for all premium plans.

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  • Is Wix actually free?
    Wix has a free plan available. However, we don't recommend this as an option for businesses because you can't sell online and your site will be littered with Wix ads. You'll also have no custom domain - which doesn't create a sense of professionalism. We suggest you use Wix's free plan to test out the features.
  • How can I save money on Wix?
    The best ways to save on Wix right now are to use the 10% discount code “TAKE10” for 10% off for all new users, and to opt for longer plans to capitalise on the long-term savings.
  • What are the disadvantages of Wix?
    There aren't many disadvantages to using Wix as your website builder or ecommerce platform. The VIP plans are incredibly efficient, particularly considering the cost. The primary disadvantage with Wix is that once you have chosen your template and set up your website, you can't change template. Other disadvantages would be that Wix's dropshipping functionality is not as strong as other competitors, like Shopify and BigCommerce.
  • Is WordPress better than Wix?
    For most small business owners, WordPress is not better than Wix. The only time WordPress may out perform Wix is when you have a solid level of coding experience, and can build using an open source platform (which is how WordPress operates). If you have no coding experience, Wix should be your go-to provider.

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