What is Wix Turbo?

Wix’s shiny new toy, Wix Turbo, promises to improve the performance of your Wix website. Read on to find out how

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There’s nothing more irritating than a site that won’t load. Whether it’s caused by too many pop-ups, or the wrong choice of website hosting, a slow site can put off customers instantly. In fact, if the mobile site that you’re trying to visit takes more than three seconds to load, Google data states that 53% of us will instantly leave – or ‘bounce off’ – the page.

As a small business owner, this is more than just a concern – especially if a healthy profit margin depends on strong e-commerce sales. Slow load times could be losing you a lot of custom –not only are people likely to bounce off a page that’s super slow to load, but they’re also less likely to come back.

Enter Wix Turbo. Wix’s latest answer to slow load times, the technology combines key features into one location to vastly improve your site’s uptime.

Now with four times as many load centres globally, Wix Turbo will cut load times and improve your site’s UX (user experience) on both desktop and mobile devices. Site visitors will also experience a pixel-perfect layout on all devices, guaranteeing improvements to your site’s look and feel.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What is Wix Turbo?
  2. Who is Wix Turbo for?
  3. How much is Wix Turbo?

What is Wix Turbo?

Now that we’ve tackled some of the techy terminology, let’s dive into what Wix Turbo actually is.

Wix Turbo is a free technology that essentially allows any Wix site to load faster, and with a higher quality than before. Wix claims that with Wix Turbo, your site visitors will now be able to ‘see your site quicker and enjoy a faster, smoother experience on desktop and mobile.’

Wix Turbo comes with, or improves, the following features:

1. Performance

Dramatically improving loading times, Wix Turbo ensures that images are instantly visible. With Wix Turbo, your site’s assets will load almost immediately in preview, with pixel-perfect results.

Clarity no longer has to come at the expense of load time, as Wix Turbo uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to keep the look and feel of your site crystal clear with minimal load time.

Additional Data Centres (DCs) for full global coverage mean that any Wix site is served from the DC that is closest to the site visitor. Again, this will result in much faster load times, and an all round better user experience.

The Wix team have also rewritten its site viewer to create reduced IFrame applications, meaning that on-page animations are speedier to load and of much higher quality.

2. Server maintenance resilience

Wix’s global distribution of Data Centres (DCs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) covers the US, Europe, and Asia. Because of its multiple backup servers all over the world, Wix sites are resilient to any server maintenance or network outages that might affect a single DC.

Essentially, Wix sites are served from all around the world, so wherever your visitors might be geographically, they’ll still be able to access your site via their nearest server. This makes Wix sites resilient to maintenance, as whilst one server is being maintained, your site will still be hosted on another one within one of Wix’s many data centres.

3. Eradicates global redundancy

Wix make sure that your site’s data is constantly replicated to multiple locations across the world, so that in the unlikely event of a server failure, site data is immediately served from a different server or DC (data centre) to maintain your site’s performance.

4. Multi-cloud approach for peace of mind

Wix uses more than one cloud service and, in the event of an interruption, automatically switches between them. This means that your site’s quality and uptime are always maintained at the same exacting high standards. So you can rest assured that even if the server glitches, the cloud service will make sure that your site is always reachable.

5. Better security for your site

“Wix maintains the highest level of security to keep your site and client’s information secure, and prevent it from being hacked”.

Wix continuously updates its software, and patches any vulnerability in its services, without you needing to update each component on its own. In addition, Wix Turbo features secure signup and login pages, as well as SSL certificates for all Wix sites.

6. A helping hand with SEO

Wix allows you to connect to the Google Search Console and submit a custom sitemap for indexing in under 30 seconds. The Wix SEO Wiz also means that you can get a personalised SEO plan, keyword analyser, and step-by-step guides to help you or your client’s site rank higher on search engines. You’ll also be able to send triggered emails, as well as define your own SEO patterns.

Wix makes it easy to add meta tags, header tags and alt-text, allowing search engines and social networks to learn more about your web pages. Analytics and tracking tools are also available through Wix’s seamless integrations with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel, all helping your site rank better via organic search.

7. Optimise your promotions

Drive more traffic to your site by creating A/B tests and heatmaps of your site’s pages. Heatmaps track whereabouts on the page your visitors spend most of their time, and what they’re most likely to read first. This will help you prioritise content according to what your audience are most likely to engage with.

8. Serverless coding – great for ambitious developers

For those developers looking to code their own site, Wix Code allows you to develop websites and web applications on a serverless platform, all hosted in the secure Wix Cloud.

Who is Wix Turbo for?

Wix Turbo is for anyone who has built a website with Wix. Wix developers specifically built the technology to optimize browser rendering time, without compromising on key functions or the user experience.

The product enhancements, which help images and videos load and run faster, aim to change the way Wix websites perform – decreasing load times to increase user satisfaction rates.

How much is Wix Turbo?

Wix Turbo is a free, automatically installed add-on extra to any Wix website builder package, and simply refers to the improved load time Wix is giving the sites it hosts.

For more information on Wix, its pricing, and the user experience for Wix as a website builder, take a look at our Wix website builder review.

In a nutshell

Wix Turbo is a new piece of technology that will better power your website. This includes reducing load times, increasing clarity, and improving the overall user experience of your site.

If you’re interested in creating a website for your business, then be sure to make the most of a free trial. Take a look at the best website builders and start your free trial without delay.

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