Squarespace website builder review 2022: Pros and cons

Squarespace is our number one choice for design, ideal for creative types that want a website builder with flexibility. Find out its pros and cons, and start your free trial today.

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4.8 out of 5
  • Website Features
  • Design Flexibility
  • Value for Money
  • Help and Support
  • Customer Score
  • Ease of Use

Squarespace website builder scores an incredible 4.8 out of 5 for its overall rating as a website builder, and there are ample reasons why. 

Not only will your business have access to over 100 visually stunning prewritten templates to build your website, but you'll also benefit from the best customer support available on the web builder market.

If you're a creative professional working in photography, graphic design or art, Squarespace is the perfect website builder for you.

This review will balance the pros and cons of using Squarespace for creating small business websites. We'll also use our research to evaluate the web builder based on features, design flexibility, value for money, help and support, customer scores, and ease of use, to help you decide if it really is the right tool for your business.

Ideal for professional, creative website building and businesses that appreciate the best help and support available on the web builder market.
  • Free trial 14-day
  • Price from £13 per month Use code "STARTUPS10" to receive a 10% discount on all Squarespace plans
  • Over 100 stunning prewritten templates
  • Best knowledge centre on the market
  • Use code "STARTUPS10" to receive a 10% discount on all Squarespace plans
Summary Squarespace scores extremely highly for creative professionals, and boasts impressive blogging tools. It features over 100 template designs which are fully adaptable to mobile devices, and visually, its websites are unmatched. Recently, vast improvements have been made in vital areas like UX, and the expanded feature list makes great value for money at £15 per month for businesses. However, these incredible designs and templates mean Squarespace's sitespeed can be affected and this is definitely an area that needs improvement. The customisation of the site's features and functions could also be further improved, particularly when compared to Wix.
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Squarespace web builder overview

Squarespace stands out thanks to its stylish, design-oriented templates, and it’s the best out of all the providers featured in our research for design flexibility. It offers a competitive range of features, support and pricing options. 

Its customer score has vastly improved and this is largely due to its focus on improving its help and support, value for money and UX. Although despite these improvements, its UX and website features still fall slightly behind some of its competitors. Indeed, some might find it more testing to use than other web builders. 

That being said, Squarespace was found to be the second best website builder for small businesses. And if your small operation has big ambitions, then Squarespace could be your perfect pick it’s ideal for growth-focused businesses, and those that are looking to scale.

Squarespace is our second highest-rated website builder. But how does it compare to first-place Wix? Read our full review of Wix vs Squarespace for small businesses to learn more.

Squarespace pricing UK

0 out of 0

Personal Plan

Business Plan

Basic Commerce

Advanced Commerce

Squarespace offers beautiful, high-quality templates, without the expensive price tag you might expect. In fact, it scored solidly in our ranking of web builders in terms of value for money – with a score of 3.9/5.

Although there isn’t a free plan, Squarespace does offer a 14-day free trial. To get started, simply select a template that you love, then sign up.



While the free trial offers the opportunity to try before you buy and includes access to an array of Premium features there are still a number of restrictions. For example, your website will be private during the trial period, and once this expires, you can’t access your site until you pay for an upgrade.

You can decide between personal, business, or commerce website price plans. Squarespace UK pricing ranges from £10 per month to £30 per month (when charged on a ‘pay annually’ basis).

Pricing plans can be paid for monthly or annually. The annual payments work out cheaper than the pay monthly options. 

For example, on the Business plan (the most popular option), it costs £15 per month when you pay annually, i.e. you pay £180 in one yearly sum. In contrast, if you select to pay monthly, the price increases to £21 per month.

While the annual payment option is a bigger upfront cost, the 14-day free trial means you can put Squarespace to the test before you make a purchase.

Squarespace pricing UK


Squarespace can be used both as a website builder and for ecommerce. While this article focuses on Squarespace's suitability for building websites, if you’re interested in its ecommerce plans and functions, you can learn more with our dedicated guide to the Squarespace ecommerce platform.

Squarespace web builder: Pros and cons

Squarespace pros

  • Over 100 flexible, design-focused templates
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Suited to small businesses
  • Design Hero – ideal for creatives
  • Best knowledge centre on the market
  • Excellent analytics and reporting features
  • Great email and social media support

Squarespace cons

  • Less easy to use and UX than other website builders 
  • Only able to customise a slight portion of the site's features and functionalities
  • Sitespeed needs improvement, poor results due to heavy designs

Our methodology: How did we evaluate Squarespace web builder for small businesses?

0 out of 0
Overall Score
Based on our in-depth research and user testing







1&1 Ionos

Best all-round website builder for small businesses

Design flexibility & businesses looking to scale

Ease of use and simplicity

Value for money

Cheap builder

Creating a website in under an hour (thanks to its ADI platform)

Reliable servers


£6.50-£22 per month

£10-£30 per month

Use code “STARTUPS10” to receive a 10% discount on all Squarespace plans

£4.99-£13.99 per month (first term discounts available)

£0-£28 per month


Up to 71% discounted with code STARTUPS. Ends May 31st!

£0-£39 per month

From £9 per month

As the table reveals, Squarespace narrowly misses out on top spot for best website builder, coming second to Wix.

It is however the clear winner when it comes to design flexibility and businesses looking to scale, and has vastly improved its UX and value for money, moving up from a previous overall score rating of 4.5 in 2020 to 4.8 in 2022. 

This review includes research that was based on six key factors: website features, design flexibility, help and support, value for money, customer score, and ease of use. This research was used to analyse four website builders in total: Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and GoDaddy.

Learn more about the best website builders for small businesses, including Squarespace and others. 

How does Squarespace compare? Here are our main takeaways:

Website features – 4.4/5

Squarespace offers strong in-built features, particularly its analytics and reporting functionality. Although some users have noted that the web builder has fewer features than its competitors for a similar price, the quality of the ones it does offer makes up for this.

The key Squarespace features that will be indispensable for small businesses are:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Squarespace provides tips to help boost your site's ranking in search engines (which you can find in the editor sidebar) so it's easier for your site to get found online
  • Squarespace for blogging – Squarespace's blogging portal is simple to get the hang of – and you can preview how your blog posts look before they go live

Design flexibility – 4.7/5

Squarespace is best known for its beautiful and flexible templates, so it’s no surprise that it was number one in our research for design flexibility. The web builder really allows you to make the site your own, and the finished product is sure to be unique. 

If you're a professional photographer, graphic designer, or creative, you'll likely feel in good hands with this web builder. It also offers a large variety of templates that serve almost any industry you could think of.

Squarespace can help you make some of the most stylish websites around. It offers a large selection of beautiful templates, which you can filter by industry or website type.

Squarespace template food

Squarespace template fashion

Squarespace template home

Help and support – 5/5

Scoring 5 out of 5 is no small feat, but you can't get much better than Squarespace when it comes to help and support. The website builder's extensive on-site knowledge base and onsite help function should be all you need in most cases, providing enough guides, articles, and even video tutorials to answer the most burning customer questions and queries. Other contact options available include 24/7 email support, as well as weekday live chat.

Squarespace support

Squarespace support options include:

  • Live chat Monday to Friday
  • 24/7 social media support via Twitter
  • 24/7 Squarespace Support Assistant chatbot
  • 24/7 email support
  • Community forum

That said, some users would always value the 24/7 phone support offered by other web builders.

Value for money – 3.9/5

The lowest score for Squarespace is its value for money, but this has massively improved since our last round of research – jumping up by 1.4 stars to 3.9/5. This is due to the large improvements in its feature offering making it far better value for money than it was previously.

Also, the quality of website you get for the money you spend on a Squarespace subscription is certainly worthwhile. And although the range of customisable features offered is smaller compared to other competitors (particularly Wix) you are still getting great value for money.

See the dedicated section on Squarespace pricing above for more information.

Customer score – 4.5

Small business owners are overall very satisfied with Squarespace, and with such brilliant customer support and a huge improvement in UX, it is understandable as to why. The majority of user feedback we received was largely impressed with Squarespace's best feature – its brilliant design flexibility and creative templates.

I felt like the page still looked good, no matter what I added to it, which was vastly different to Wix.” 

Ease of use – 4.0

Even though Squarespace's ease of use is one of its weaker features, it has massively improved since our last review, with an impressive 14.6% increase jumping from a score of 3 to 4 and showing real signs of improvement for its users.

Squarespace has a drag-and-drop, grid-based editor, like most website builders. You can start creating your new site in just a few minutes – simply sign up, pick your template, name your site, and you're off!

The next steps are where things get a little trickier. Squarespace's actual editing platform is a tad less intuitive than other web builders – for example, it might not be immediately clear where the editing tools even are.

To put it one way, Squarespace might be best suited to business owners striving for style and perfection, as opposed to those looking to knock together a site in a hurry.

Squarespace drag and drop

The drag-and-drop functionality certainly makes Squarespace suitable for beginners, although it doesn't quite match the intuitiveness and comfort of some other web builders on the market.

Your Squarespace site could be a ‘labour of love'. The web builder is designed for making professional-standard sites, which could be why some users have found it quite tricky or time-consuming to get to the final result – or, at least, it took a bit of getting used to! You may want to consider the premium price plans for a more comprehensive set of design features.


Design: “You don't have to fit a certain mould. You can create your own – that's what I did.”

Customer support: “I received an answer from Rowan B. within an hour of my request.”

Squarespace review: The verdict

Squarespace is the perfect website builder for those of you who want to pour your heart and soul into a gorgeous website that is sure to impress and look the part with the design flexibility that it offers. 

It has greatly improved in features where it was lacking since our previous in-depth analysis last year, refining its UX and customer support and deserving it's overall 4.8/5 scoring.

Overall, Squarespace is the second best website builder for small businesses based on our research, narrowly missing out to first placed Wix. Although in terms of help and support and design flexibility, it wins those accolades outright so for creatives looking to build a website, Squarespace is the one for you. 

Visit Squarespace today to see whether this could be the ideal fit for your small business website.


Here, we answer some of the most popular queries about Squarespace.

1. Squarespace vs Wix: How do they compare?

Based on our research, Wix offers stronger website features than Squarespace. However, Squarespace takes the lead in terms of design flexibility, making it ideal for small business owners in the creative industries.

While Wix did outperform Squarespace in several categories (including help and support, customer score, and ease of use), if you run a small business that’s looking to grow and scale, then Squarespace is your best bet.

Plus, when it comes to pricing, Squarespace and Wix offer equal value for money.

2. Squarespace vs Weebly: How do they compare?

Our research found that Squarespace and Weebly are rated the same for website features. Yet, when looking at design features, Squarespace far outshines Weebly.

And while Weebly offers better value for money and customer score, Squarespace’s help and support is ahead of Weebly’s.

Although Weebly is easier to use, Squarespace could be the better option for small businesses in the long term, as it’s best for those that are focused on growth and scalability.

3. Squarespace email pricing

Squarespace offers Gmail on the Business, Basic Commerce and Advanced commerce pricing plans.

If you want to run email marketing campaigns, these are available in addition to your website plan. Prices range from £4 per month to £38 per month (when paid annually), and a free trial is available. As you would expect from Squarespace, a variety of stunning, design-focused email layouts are also available.

4. What are Squarespace templates like?

Squarespace is number one for design flexibility in our research. The range, quality, and style of Squarespace templates are second to none: think clean lines, stylish imagery, and minimalistic design. Check out our dedicated section on design flexibility for examples and more information.

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