The Startups 100 2019: the UK’s best and most exciting new businesses revealed

Meet 2019's top UK startups. From finance and recruitment to AI and future tech, this year's list has raised a collective £1 billion, and with good reason

Having received hundreds of entries over a two month period, Startups is excited to announce this year’s Startups 100 list – featuring some of the UK’s newest and most exciting ventures.

Now in its 11th year, the Startups 100 has become an annual milestone in the UK business calendar, highlighting up-and-coming businesses with the potential to change their industries for the better. To capture entrants from a wide range of sectors and serve up a sumptuous snapshot of the year’s businesses to watch the criteria for entry into the Startups 100 is simple: to be a UK business, and to have launched in the last five years.

Now household names, previous years’ Startups 100 winners include business big dogs Deliveroo, Zoopla and Monzo and with our knack for spotting startup potential, this year’s list promises to be just as exciting.

Read on to find out more or select an option from the list below to dive in to the specifics.

Collectively raising finance just shy of £1 billion, the 2019 top 100 have been ranked according to three primary criteria: the company’s age, finance raised, and turnover for the last financial year. However, good ideas deserve to be recognised and so, to bolster our rankings, the Startups team reached out to industry experts to pick out the ideas that deserve mention.

Judges Titus Sharpe, Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers, Gi Fernando, Tim Rodber and Alex Farrell were tasked with arranging the top five overall businesses, as well as selecting standout businesses in several categories: Tech, Family, Social, B2B, B2C and Regional. After a day of judging, the top picks were selected, including a few commendations where judging was too close to call.

So without further ado, meet the Startups 100 2019!

The Startups 100 Top 5

The Startups 100 2019 include a notable mix of finance and tech-enabled companies, a trend present in a large number of entries. However, what is most interesting is how these tech and finance companies have worked in ways to disrupt or evolve traditional sectors.

Position Company Founded Sector
1. Revolut 2015 Finance
2. Igloo 2017 Energy
3. Trouva 2015 Retail
4. Soldo 2015 Finance
5. Elder 2015 Healthcare

1. Revolut

With over four million customers in the UK and Europe, Revolut is one of a number of challenger banks to have emerged in recent years. First attracting users with competitive international spending options, Revolut are planning to become a truly global bank, offering a full suite of financial services to users around the world.

2. Igloo

On a mission to make customers’ homes smarter and more efficient, Igloo is an ambitious challenger energy retailer. Combining smart technology with simple and actionable advice, Igloo makes use of clever algorithms to generate recommendations. A shrewd partnership with Tesla also means that Igloo customers can charge their hybrid or electric cars using the greenest possible power sources.

3. Trouva

The only retail entry in this year’s top 10, Trouva is a software-enabled marketplace, bringing customers and independent retailers together. Previously a Startup Award winner, and featuring in Wired Magazine’s hottest European startups, Trouva is disrupting the retail space with over 150,000 unique products on offer.

4. Soldo

Soldo’s aim is to help companies balance their budgets, providing a single account to manage all staff and department spending. Each employee is provided with a prepaid card with set limits, giving complete control to finance teams while enabling staff to spend when they need to. With allocated funds and controlled spending, Soldo is on a mission to streamline a process that has baffled businesses for years.

5. Elder

A tech-enabled healthcare business, Elder helps older people live in the comfort of their own homes for longer. Matching families with professional, vetted carers, Elder uses personality compatibility along with preference matching to ensure that every carer can be a trusted source of companionship. Founded in 2015, Elder is a one-stop-shop for arranging care or finding work as a carer.

To view the top 5’s full profiles, click here.

The Startups 100 Top Trends

As well as being an excellent opportunity to highlight the UK’s top new businesses, the Startups 100 also provides insight into the latest business trends.

This year, the Startups team has worked hard to uncover the budding businesses that challenge traditional methods, provide disruptive digital solutions, and aim to make the world a better, more efficient place.

Some of the companies will already have been included above, but others have also earned spots in our other categories. For example, did you know that there is a business that can provide NHS prescriptions straight to your door for free? Recruitment platforms matching candidates to jobs in more innovative ways than ever before? There’s even a Scottish enterprise supporting the race to space!

To find out more about any of these top trends, simply visit the pages below.

The Startups 100 List: Full List

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The businesses on this year’s list have raised more money than ever before, with cumulative investment of a phenomenal £1 billion and annual turnover of a quarter of a billion pounds in the last financial year. We may be living in the shadow of Brexit but these UK startups show that British business is still alive and kicking.

Click here to begin reading the profiles in full, or scroll down to see which names made it into this prestigious list.

Rank Company Founded Sector
1 Revolut 2015 Finance
2 Igloo 2017 Energy
3 Trouva 2015 Retail
4 Soldo 2015 Finance
5 Elder 2015 Healthcare
6 Glenhawk 2018 Finance
7 Zego 2016 Finance
8 Streetbees 2015 Tech
9 Guestready 2016 Hospitality/travel
10 Thriva 2016 Tech
11 Mindful Chef 2015 Consumer
12 Airsorted 2015 Hospitality/travel
13 Cazoo 2018 Tech
14 Echo 2015 Consumer/lifestyle
15 Trint 2016 Tech
16 Patch 2016 Retail
17 Feast It 2017 Hospitality/travel
18 Attest 2015 Tech
19 GoGram 2017 Tech
20 Tempo 2017 Business services/products
21 PolyAI 2017 Tech
22 WeGift 2015 Tech
23 Trussle 2015 Finance
24 Lumen 2018 Tech
25 Dozens 2018 Finance
26 Ravelin 2014 Tech
27 Goodlord 2014 Tech
28 GoodBox 2016 Finance
29 MyTutor 2014 Education
30 Cudoni 2017 Business services/products
31 Birdie 2017 Tech
32 Gadget Discovery Club 2018 Consumer/lifestyle
33 H2O Hygiene Ltd 2017 Construction/services
34 Senseye 2014 Tech
35 Floom 2016 Business services/products
36 Quorso 2016 Tech
37 Attachment 2017 Media/communications
38 Brand Advance 2018 Media/communications
39 Panaseer 2014 Tech
40 Feedr 2017 Tech
41 Debut 2015 Tech
42 Shepper 2016 Business services/products
43 Big Youth Group 2018 Education
44 Home Made 2016 Tech
45 Hazy 2017 Tech
46 Fat Llama 2016 Tech
47 By Miles 2017 Finance
48 The Cheeky Panda Ltd 2016 Consumer/lifestyle
49 Countingup 2017 Finance
50 Mayku 2015 Consumer/lifestyle
51 Edgify 2015 Tech
52 Tide 2015 Finance
53 Switchee Ltd 2015 Tech
54 Rentuu 2018 Tech
55 Muzmatch 2015 Tech
56 Fancy Dress Worldwide 2016 Consumer/lifestyle
57 Farillio 2018 Legal
58 Issoria 2016 Business services/products
59 Capitalise 2014 Finance
60 Red Rickshaw 2016 Tech
61 Howamigoing 2018 Tech
62 Learnerbly 2017 Education
63 Skyrora Ltd 2017 Tech
64 Atom Learning 2017 Education
65 Nivo 2017 Finance
66 Scape Technologies 2016 Tech
67 OneFifty Digital 2016 Media/communications
68 KASKO 2015 Tech
69 Talentful 2015 Business services/products
70 Broadstone 2018 Tech
71 Laundryheap 2014 Consumer/lifestyle
72 Maddox Events Limited 2015 Media/communications
73 mmadigital 2016 Tech
74 ideal flatmate 2016 Tech
75 Concured 2015 Business services/products
76 Freetrade 2016 Finance
77 Tutor House 2015 Education
78 StateZero Labs 2018 Tech
79 Tshirtify Ltd 2015 Business services/products
80 BlackCurve 2016 Tech
81 ChargedUp 2017 Consumer/lifestyle
82 Factory 42 2016 Media/communications
83 Hostmaker 2014 Hospitality/travel
84 Reedsy 2014 Media/communications
85 Emilia’s Crafted Pasta 2016 Hospitality/travel
86 JHP Recruitment Ltd 2015 Business services/products
87 Perlego 2016 Education
88 The Vurger Co 2016 Hospitality/travel
89 The Dots 2014 Tech
90 HoloMe 2017 Tech
91 Stasher 2016 Hospitality/travel
92 Bibblio 2015 Tech
93 Encore Musicians 2014 Media/communications
94 Sideways 6 2014 Tech
95 Vestd 2015 Finance/legal
96 BIOS 2015 Tech
97 Yapster 2015 Tech
98 Baby2Body 2014 Consumer/lifestyle
99 Linkilaw 2015 Legal
100 Vet-AI 2018 Tech

With a huge range of businesses included, the Startups 100 represents the ongoing success of British business.

Of course, the table above does not provide as much information as you might like about the winning companies, so continue reading to find out more.

Read the full Startups 100 profiles.


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