31. About:Energy

In an electric shock to the battery industry, About:Energy provides a data-led software solution that allows users to understand their battery performance.

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Founder: Gavin White and Kieran O’Regan

Year founded: 2021
Website: aboutenergy.io

We are on the cusp of a green energy transition. Increasingly, pavements are populated by charging stations for hybrid or battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs).

The problem? For this electric transition to be as revolutionary as the tech world promises, we need to understand the performance of batteries – big and small – so we can get the most out of them in the most efficient way. 

About:Energy wants to supercharge this transition with its product, Voltt. It’s a specialist platform that empowers clients by giving them a sophisticated data model of their battery design and performance across the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and recycling industries. 

These data insights address a number of issues that have previously handicapped the batteries industry, including costly and time-consuming prototyping, inaccurate models, and lack of information on all the complex electrochemical systems that give life to batteries. 

The technology is backed by an impressive academic pedigree, as About:Energy was conceived from years of research at The Faraday Institution, the UK’s leading research institution in battery technology. 

Its innovative approach to batteries has made About:Energy the recipient of the UK Government’s Faraday Battery Challenge worth £1m, in collaboration with electrical vehicle automaker Arrival and Imperial College London. About:Energy is also sponsored by Porsche AG for Startup Autobahn.

About:Energy has positioned itself at the forefront of battery development and innovation. It is connected to a strong pipeline of research and talent from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham. This level of authority has earned it trust from investors, recently securing £1.5m in Seed funding backed by the likes of HighSage Ventures and Vireo Ventures.

In five years, About:Energy envisions itself as the foundational technology provider for every battery in existence, and as a key cog in the process of battery, design, utilisation and end-of-life decisions. 

As more aspects of our lives become powered by energy-efficient sources, About:Energy wants to be the central electrical plug for sustainable power. Now plugged into the Startups 100 Index at position 31, we’re feeling confident about About:Energy.

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