41. Artscapy

Mixing the right hues of technology and art, Artscapy is repainting the collecting industry by lowering its barriers to entry.

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Founder: Alessandro De Stasio and Emilia De Stasio

Year founded: 2020
Website: artscapy.com

The art collection landscape has often been viewed as a playground for high-flying art connoisseurs, world-renowned museums, and those with deep pockets. Collectors are also usually bound to art galleries and auctions in their own country to enjoy the pursuit.

Artscapy thinks the art collection world can, and should, be more inclusive. By integrating smart technology, years of experience, and a genuine love for art, the founders aim to prove you don’t need to paint the town red to get your hands on your next wall hanging.

The artsy startup, founded in 2020, turns complicated auctions into a simple marketplace for art enthusiasts. Through data dashboards and a user-friendly site, auctioning for art pieces can be easily done from the comfort of your sofa.

We have only one real client: the collector

Artscapy’s co-founders were driven by the frustration they experienced while trying to gather information about an artwork acquisition. Recognising the high barriers of entry into the art collection sphere, they set out to simplify the process.

“We have only one real client: the collector,” says the founders. “Everything we do is geared toward answering a single question: Does this add value to our collectors? While other platforms are created around galleries or artist needs, we run a different agenda.”

Artscapy now acts as a SuperApp for Art Collecting and Investing, offering a wealth of features and services designed to simplify the collecting journey.

Not content with just trading creations, the startup is drawing outside ecommerce lines. Users can also organise, insure, and gain expert valuations of their artwork through the Artscapy app. There’s even a way to track the value of your portfolio over time.

Everything we do is geared toward answering a single question: Does this add value to our collectors? While other platforms are created around galleries or artist needs, we run a different agenda.

Artscapy has painted bold strokes of success since its launch. In 2022, it raised £1m in funding and received the prestigious Technation Award. It also recorded an astonishing sale worth £130,000, showing how auctions needn’t be a black tie affair in an expensive gala room.

Having moulded key partnerships with industry giants like David Zwirner Gallery, one of the top three galleries in the world, and Philip Auction House, Artscapy gives clients access to a comprehensive art market encompassing hundreds of new and established artists.

Artscapy is poised for success in 2024. As an inventive platform that has turned collecting into a fine art, we’re proud to display the company in this year’s Startups 100 Index.

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