62. My SMASH Media

My SMASH Media is a platform for the creative industry, matching emerging talent with industry leaders to create the next smash hit.

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Founders: Fiona Gillies, Christine Hartland, and Mahesh Ramachandra
Year founded: 2018
Website: mysmash.media

The pandemic created the Golden Era for streaming. The demand for content is now hotter than a summer blockbuster. For producers, the problem is finding those hidden gems that speak to multiple audiences. For creatives, the issue is how to get your pitch in front of the right person?

Enter My SMASH Media, a platform that describes itself as a “dating app for creative ideas”  – one that is reshaping the content creation process and breaking down barriers to entry for emerging talent (with a laser focus on diverse and under-represented communities). 

Tired of navigating the maze of challenges in the entertainment industry’s quest for quality content, two independent film producers, Fiona Gillies and Christine Hartland, teamed up with a tech expert, Mahesh Ramachandra, to provide a direct line from content creators to decision-makers. Forget the convoluted pitching process; My SMASH Media simplifies it, making it accessible and efficient. 

My SMASH Media isn’t just a matchmaker, it’s a three-sided marketplace. With a user-friendly ‘Pitch Builder’ that transforms rookies into savvy content creators, the platform has also struck a strategic partnership with Getty Images, providing high-quality visuals to enhance pitches.

Its matchmaking wizard, SMASHCupid, has already orchestrated successful connections, and service providers are reaping the benefits through its trades and monthly subscription packages.

The company’s success story so far is impressive. It currently boasts nearly 2,000 users – a significant 75% is based in the UK and 12% in the US, with the remaining users spanning the globe. 

We are already global, but in five years we will not only be global for the film and TV industry but also for other sectors…games, podcasts, publishing,” enthuses founder Fiona Gillies.

“Who knows, by 2025 we could all be watching a surprise international hit that only reached our screens because of the SMASH platform.”

By 2025 we could all be watching a surprise international hit that only reached our screens because of the SMASH platform.

After receiving a Gold Award in Tech Innovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and a spot in the Edinburgh University AI Accelerator’s AI For Good category, My SMASH Media onboarded Channel 5 and welcomed its first US decision-makers.

In other exciting news, the company is also on the brink of collaborating with an international streaming giant.

My SMASH Media is not simply opening doors for new creatives, it’s attempting to kick them wide open. We can’t wait to see what this company does next.

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