56. PerfectTed

On a mission to spread positive energy, PerfectTed offers a caffeine high without the lows.

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Founders: Marisa Poster, Teddie Levenfiche, Levi Levenfiche
Year founded: 2020
Website: perfectted.com

Most of us rely on a cap, latte, or americano for our caffeine high in the morning. For others, the espresso effects and flat-white feels aren’t so great – a pounding head and heart, the jitters, and heightened anxiety.

This was the java junction where PerfectTed’s Marisa Poster found herself. Struggling with ADHD and anxiety, a cup of coffee could translate into feeling sick, and struggling to get through the day.

In her quest for a coffee alternative that could keep her popping without crashing, Poster found her caffeinated holy grail – matcha. The highly caffeinated green tea – rich in amino acid L-Theanine – gives you all the benefits of coffee without the overstimulating side effects.

In her quest for a coffee alternative that could her popping without crashing, Poster found her caffeinated holy grail - matcha.

Unlike Japan, where this green gold is ubiquitous, Poster and her two co-founders knew the UK wasn’t aware of its potential. After a six-month research trip to Uji – the Japanese matcha capital – the trio finally developed a brew that married caffeine with a delicious fruity flavour.

The rest is televised history. PerfectTed received investment offers from all five of the BBC’s Dragons and was named as Steven Bartlett’s most successful Dragons’ Den investment.

Within 12 months of launching, PerfectTed was listed across 1,200 Tesco stores in meal deals and currently partners with Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Joe & the Juice, and Blank Street Coffee, among many other high street retailers.

What next for the Japanese java juice brand that banishes jitters? The founders are emphatic that PerfectTed will be ‘the world’s largest natural energy brand’ within five years and continue to spread mucha matcha love.

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