44. SkiYodl

From an intricate alpine getaway, to an impulsive trip to the slopes, booking a ski trip is “snow” problem with SkiYodl.

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Founder: Oli Dannatt

Year founded: 2018
Website: skiyodl.com

Have you ever dreamt of effortlessly booking your dream ski holiday with just a few clicks? Meet SkiYodl, the tech-savvy startup founded in 2018 that’s changing the way you experience the slopes.

The company’s founder is Oli Dannatt, a seasoned ski enthusiast who spent a decade running a ski school in the Alps. After returning to the UK, he found himself grappling with a glaring gap in the market. He realised that while you can book nearly anything with a single tap on your phone, the ski travel industry was lagging far behind.

Slaloming past legacy booking sites that rarely include all the necessary information, add-ons, or even properties available in key alpine locations, SkiYodl’s mobile platform has transformed the way people book and enjoy authentic alpine getaways.

The platform as so far amassed over 40,000 followers and gained support from BBC Ski Sunday presenter Ed Leigh

Like Airbnb for ski chalets, the app delivers a flexible and transparent user experience to ensure ski enthusiasts waste no time finding a trip designed specifically for them.

Turning a brilliant idea into reality is no small feat, and SkiYodl faced its fair share of challenges while transitioning from concept to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Dannatt also launched the business just before the pandemic hit; a challenging time for travel-related companies. However, the founder says his ability to adapt to these unforeseen changes only served to strengthen SkiYodl as a brand.

After launching in 2019, the team focussed on developing the website and cementing the brand offering to gain traction amongst its main audience. This snowballed into one of SkiYodl’s standout achievements; a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over £1m.

The startup’s commitment to innovation and brand building has paid off. It has so far amassed over 40,000 followers across its social media platforms, and gained support from BBC Ski Sunday presenter Ed Leigh, who serves as Brand Ambassador.

SkiYodl has also developed relationships with notable figures like F1 boss Eddie Jordan and football pundit Jake Humphrey, who are both investors. These endorsements underscore the game-changing impact SkiYodl is having on the ski travel and sporting market.

Demand is clearly there for SkiYodl’s innovative tech-based solution. Its user base has been growing exponentially, with booking numbers doubling year-on-year. Revenues have also soared by over 250% since 2021.

With plans to offer both ski and sun holidays, hotels, chalets, and residences, SkiYodl is poised to become the one-stop platform for booking unforgettable getaways. Catch you on the slopes, SkiYodl!

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