39. Strolll

With the power of Augmented Reality, Strolll is using its patented technology to help patients who suffer from lowered mobility walk again.

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Founder: Jorgen Ellis and Tom Finn

Year founded: 2019
Website: strolll.co

Those who suffer from neurological disorders can often feel trapped within their body. The constant challenge to conduct everyday movements like walking or balancing is not only disheartening for those suffering, but also for their loved ones around them. 

Strolll, a West-Midlands based startup, has developed patented Digital Therapeutics software that can alleviate the symptoms of mobility diseases, enabling patients to complete their rehabilitation independently and safely from their home. 

With the help of Strolll’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the weight of this struggle could be considerably lifted for people with Parkinson’s disease, and the technology has future potential in stroke, MS, and other neurological disorders in future.

Strolll was founded by Tom Finn after he took time out to help care for his dad, Nigel, who has Parkinson’s. After attending a physio appointment together, Tom was shocked to see that the simple act of placing coloured lines on the floor dramatically reduced his dad’s mobility symptoms and enabled him to walk again. 

Known as ‘cueing’, this is a concept that has existed for some time in rehabilitation rooms, but due to limited research has never been applied further. Tom was instantly inspired. 

Using a clever AR headset, Strolll has digitised the cueing concept to take it from therapy rooms, into the outside world. Users simply look through Strolll’s special lenses to see projected hologram lines, and their mobility symptoms are drastically reduced. 

The technology is revolutionary not only for patients, but for the medical industry at large. Strolll’s accessible software allows rehabilitation therapists to scale up their services and treat seven times the number of patients within a third of the time. 

The power of Strolll has earned the startup valuable partnerships and credentials. It has an established relationship with the NHS, as well as leading academic institutions like VU University Amsterdam, the University of Leeds, and the University of Exeter. 

Strolll also earned a spot in last year’s Startups 100 index. Since then, it has raised £2.1m in a seed funding round, backed by the Midlands Engine Investment Fund. This pot of money will be put to good use, funding ongoing studies and NHS pilots, as well as an expansion into the US market. 

Importantly, it has also gained FDA registration. This will enable the startup to unlock sales in the US, and it is now planning to go stateside by forging strategic relationships with leading hospitals.

On a mission to make life simpler for those living with neurological disorders, Strolll wants to be the most used rehabilitation software in the world by 2028. Having taken some significant steps since appearing in our list last year, we’re excited to see it go global in 2024.

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