90. YouMakr.ai

YouMakr.ai helps students better prepare for their exams by analysing course material to predict upcoming exam questions.

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Founders: Abbas Moledina and Rami Akily
Year founded: 2018
Website: youmakr.ai 

Securing the top job roles and university places has never been easy. But under proposed changes to the UK’s educational system, it could get worse. Come 2025, students may be expected to study five subjects instead of three, including compulsory maths and English. 

This threat adds weight to the already maxed-out pressures on young people to succeed in exams. Pupils who have had their learning severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic are now facing an even bigger amount of material to master, and there’s no guarantee that the questions and topics they revise will appear on papers. 

Thankfully, though, that could be about to change, thanks to YouMakr.ai. The AI-driven platform is aiming to provide students with a more effective and efficient way to prepare for their exams. 

Using machine learning to analyse course material and exam papers, YouMakr.ai forecasts the questions most likely to appear on their users’ upcoming assessments, giving students a more structured way to study during the stresses and strains of exam season.

Founded in 2018, the company was initially launched with a mission to help investors get ideas up and running quickly. But, it soon pivoted after founders Moledina and Akily noticed that engineering students in need of dissertation help were drawn to the platform. 

Jumping on an opportunity, the company launched a writing tool for PhD students that amassed 100,000 users without any marketing spend. Refined with input from real students, YouMakr.ai’s predictive capabilities are now harnessed to formulate personalised study plans and practice questions that are tailored to individual exam-sitters’ needs. 

But that’s not all YouMark.ai has learnt to do. There’s also an AI-powered tutor on hand to answer questions and provide guidance, helping students to identify areas where they need to focus their attention.

YouMakr.ai has so far raised £550,000 in angel investment and is poised to become a must-have edtech solution for students across the globe. Gone are the days of students having to trawl through textbooks to ensure they’ve covered absolutely everything that could come up on their tests. Thanks to YouMakr.ai, exam preparation just got a whole lot simpler.

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