2024 Startups 100: UK’s Best New Startups Revealed

This year’s list signals the roaring 20s are here with a new era of fast growth and optimism for UK startups.

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Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Startups 100, the UK’s longest-running index of new businesses. Each year, we unveil the pioneering UK startups that will be sparking change across every sector.

Following an era of permacrisis, the 16th Startups 100 Index showcases a resilient new business community. Together, these fledgling companies are embracing emerging technologies to tackle big social issues, leading the way to economic growth and recovery this year.

After months of evaluation by a panel of experts, our number one startup for 2024 is Unitary. The AI firm is able to conduct content moderation at a scale that’s impossible for humans to replicate, resulting in a safer internet for us all.

Runner-up Lottie is transforming the social care landscape to help families find the perfect home for their loved ones. In third place, Maeving is the brand behind Britain’s first ever electric motorbike, making EVs a practical and accessible choice for the modern commuter.

Beyond the podium, the complete 2024 Startups 100 Index is a testament to the boundless entrepreneurial spirit that defines the UK startup scene. These new kids on the block are not just surviving, but thriving; defying expectations to chart new paths forward. 

Read on for the full list of the top 100 startups for 2024, and learn more about the transformative impact these companies will have on the world in years to come.

The Startups 100 Index 2024

We were overwhelmed by the exceptional quality of applications for this year’s Startups 100. 

Despite a tumultuous trading environment, we received the most applications ever in Startups 100 history, with hundreds of companies aspiring to join the ranks of Unicorn alumni like Deliveroo and Monzo.

From a Hackney-based ‘brewery’ that’s crafting animal-free dairy products, to a mealworm farm making dog biscuits in Devon, each of our top 100 represents a groundbreaking venture that is on track to achieve extraordinary success. 

Click on the links below to delve into their stories and discover the next generation of game-changers:

1. Unitary
2. Lottie
3. Maeving
4. KatKin
5. Peppy
6. Zero Gravity
7. Better Dairy
8. UNDO Carbon Ltd
10. Packfleet
11. Audiomob
12. Immersive Gamebox
13. OnHand
14. Quantum Dice
15. Muddy Machines Ltd
16. Banked
17. Jude
18. Bio&Me
19. IRIS Audio Technologies
20. FYLD
21. Hoxton Farms
22. Yonder
23. Sook
24. Cask Trade
25. Settld
28. Vinehealth
30. Weavr
31. About:Energy
32. Lindus Health
34. Descycle
36. Self Space
37. Seep
38. Bold Bean Co
39. Strolll Limited
40. Acre
41. Artscapy
42. SRSLY Low Carb
43. YourBusinessNumber
44. SkiYodl
45. Earthly
46. Fair Shot
47. Fussy
48. Vertice
49. Canopey
50. Flavers
51. HACE
52. Renais Spirits Ltd
53. Fearne & Rosie
54. Mr Bug
55. Scooch
56. PerfectTed
57. Nory
59. Route Konnect
60. cheqd
61. Siloton
62. My SMASH Media
63. Hello Klean
64. Stored
65. Olly’s
66. Mill Media Co
67. RideTandem
68. MVPR
69. CovertSwarm
70. SoSquared
71. Detected
72. Propelle
73. Voltric Mobility Technologies
74. onezone
75. Postpartum Plan Ltd
76. Spoke World Ltd
77. OK Positive
78. Fink Street Food
79. Milky Plant
80. EasyA
81. Ujamaa Spice
82. Playdate
83. UJJI
84. SKOOT Eco Group Ltd
85. Serious Tissues
86. Leiho
87. Athena AI Technologies
88. Cytix
89. Peachies LTD
90. YouMakr.ai
91. Dubs
92. Alterist
93. The Smart Container Company
94. Nolo LtD
95. Kindroom
96. Frobelles
97. Polishpad
98. Gusto Snacks
99. Story Locker

2024 Startups 100 awards

Each year, we also hand out seven special awards, to spotlight the startups that are displaying world-class innovation with a conscience.

To help us select these exceptional enterprises, we assembled a judging panel composed of renowned entrepreneurial faces: Finn Lagun, Karen Lynch, Danielle Bowman, Eloise Skinner, Ian Wallis, and Chris Forbes.

Together, these industry veterans meticulously evaluated a shortlist of nominees, seeking out the trail blazers that are paving the way for a more sustainable, inclusive, and impactful future. 

Click below to discover the nominees and winners:

2024 Startups 100: how did we find our top 100?

At Startups, we pride ourselves on being one of the most approachable, accessible and inclusive new business indexes in the UK. Our application process is deliberately streamlined, requiring only that entrants be UK-based, privately-owned, and launched in the previous five years.

During the application stage, our online form guides businesses through a comprehensive self-assessment, delving into their operations from financial details to their five-year vision.

Once the judging process commences, we evaluate how well each submission performs against five key criteria to assess growth potential for the year ahead:

  • Financial Performance
  • External Validation
  • Market Opportunity
  • Idea Innovativeness
  • Strength of Concept

Once scored, these ratings are then carefully considered and weighted to determine each startup’s overall ranking in the Startups 100 Index 2024.

Keen to get involved? If you’re an aspiring startup founder with a groundbreaking idea and a commitment to making a difference, keep an eye out for entries to open for the 2025 Startups 100 next summer. 

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