63 UK tech companies with £100m revenue potential named

Silicon Valley Comes to the UK unveils its 100 Club list of tech businesses set to scale to dream 9-digit revenue marker within five years

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Silicon Valley Comes to the UK has today revealed the British tech companies it predicts will hit £100m in revenues in the next three to five years.

Based on the soundings of major tech investors and entrepreneurs, including SVC2UK co-chair Sherry Coutu CBE, Amadeus Capital’s Hermann Hauser, Saul Klein of Index Ventures, Balderton’s Daniel Waterhouse, and Sonali de Rycker from Accel, the selection panel identified 63 next generation tech businesses with the potential to scale fast.

Among the list – the second time SVC2UK has run the index – are many businesses Startups.co.uk and Growing Business readers will already be familiar with, including Young Guns YPlan, EDITD, Affectv, Masabi, Swiftkey, onefinestay, Transferwise, WAYN, and Skimlinks. In last year’s list fellow Young Guns Duedil and Hailo were recognised, among others.

Startups 100 companies Seedrs, Hassle.com (formerly Teddle), EVRYTHNG, Love Home Swap, Medikidz, Artfinder, TrialReach and the 2011 Startups Awards Female Entrepreneur of the Year Michelle Wright, founder of charity consultancy Cause4, also made the list

Many of the CEOs will gather today at the CEO Summit at London’s City Hall, where Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs and investors, including representatives from GoogleX – the search engine’s secret lab, Stanford University, August Capital, Blinkx, and Edmodo, will deliver workshops to the UK cohort.

Entrepreneur, angel investor and the co-chair of Silicon Valley Comes to the UK Sherry Coutu, said the 100 Club are an essential plank in the UK moving towards “churning out as many ‘Twitters, LinkedIns, Facebooks, and Googles’ as the US does per capita”.

She added that the entrepreneurial tech ecosystem now has a duty to ensure the companies grow far beyond £100m to become “the ‘250 Club’, the ‘500 Club’, the ‘1 Billion Club’, and the ‘1 Trillion Club’.”

Emphasising the importance of tracking the UK’s most exciting companies, Coutu told Startups: “I know of 15 companies with revenues of between £100m and £200m in Cambridge alone, but we don’t talk about them. We should be watching them like hawks and helping to make sure they scale to £500m and beyond.”

Highlighting this, Coutu recounted that when Twitter co-founder Biz Stone spoke at the 2009 SVC2UK Summit, the company was still a fledgling business, albeit one with global profile.

“The IPO this week and multi-billion dollar valuation of the company demonstrates the huge growth opportunities open to new and disruptive technologies….and is a testament to how well companies in the valley are supported through their scale-up phase.

“We want to see the UK nurturing world class companies of this scale and the 100 Club is a good place to look for the ones with significant potential…”

She told Startups that the index is a moving feast, reviewed monthly and set to be amended quarterly, with companies added or subtracted from the list. Coutu explained the 100 Club is focused on turnover rather than valuation as revenues are a gauge of whether people are willing to pay for something, as well as being key to employee growth and tax income for the economy.

Here’s the list in full:

  1. Affectv : Glen Calvert
  2. AlexandAlexa.com : Alex Theophanous
  3. Artfinder : Jonas Almgren
  4. Asset Match Limited : Iain Baillie
  5. Axol Bioscience Limited : Yichen Shi
  6. Base79 : Ashley MacKenzie
  7. Boticca : Avid Larizadeh
  8. Bright*Sun : Stephen Piron
  9. Cause4 : Michelle Wright
  10. CertiVox UK Ltd. : Brian Spector
  11. ConcretePlatform : Tristan Rogers
  12. Coveritas Limited : Sean Redmond
  13. DataShaka : Richard Edwards
  14. EDITD : Julia Fowler
  15. EVRYTHNG Limited : Niall Murphy
  16. Greenman Gaming : Paul Sulyok
  17. HealthUnlocked : Jorge Armanet
  18. HybridCluster : Luke Marsden
  19. i2O Water : Adam Kingdon
  20. import•io : David White
  21. Insane Logic : Zoe Peden
  22. Intelesant : Jonathan Burr
  23. itradein.com Ltd : Gerry OReilly
  24. Jostle Corporation : Brad Palmer
  25. Kiosked Ltd : Micke Paqvalén
  26. Love Home Swap : Debbie Wosskow
  27. Lulu : Alison Schwartz
  28. Lumi Mobile : Richard Taylor
  29. M Squared Lasers : Graeme Malcolm
  30. Marmalade : Harvey Elliott
  31. Masabi : Ben Whitaker
  32. Medikidz : Kate Hersov
  33. Neomobile : Gianluca D’Agostino
  34. NewVoiceMedia : Jonathan Gale
  35. onefinestay : Greg Marsh
  36. Ontrac Ltd : Martyn Cuthbert
  37. Pocketprof : Peter Hames
  38. PsychologyOnline : Barnaby Perks
  39. Realex Payments : Colm Lyon
  40. RedBite Solutions : Alex Wong
  41. Rightster : Charlie Muirhead
  42. Seedrs : Jeff Lynn
  43. ServerSpace Limited : Tim Dufficy
  44. Signkick : Sebastiaan Heijne
  45. Skimlinks : Joe Stepniewski
  46. Skyscanner : Barry Smith
  47. sofar sounds : Rocky Start
  48. Somo : Ben Wynn
  49. SuperAwesome Ltd : Tom Impallomeni
  50. SwiftKey : Ben Medlock
  51. Synthesio : Catriona Oldershaw
  52. Hassle.com (formerly Teddle) : Alexandra Depledge
  53. Test and Verification Solutions Ltd : Mike Bartley
  54. TransferWise : Taavet Hinrikus
  55. TranslateMedia : Patrick Eve
  56. Tray.io : Rich Waldron
  57. TrialReach : Pablo Graiver
  58. Trustev : Pat Phelan
  59. WAYN (Where Are You Now?) : Peter Ward
  60. Wifarer : Philip Stanger
  61. Worldwide Computer Company (Charity Engine) : Mark McAndrew
  62. YPlan : Viktoras Jucikas
  63. Zopa : Giles  Andrews

To read SVC2UK’s profiles of the businesses, click here.

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